Is it normal to age as fast as we do?

  1. andrew savage profile image60
    andrew savageposted 4 years ago
    There are some days of which I have serious doubts that the human race is right where it should be. For example, cancer, tumors, various other diseases, disorders and illnesses seem un-natural as if they were placed upon us by choices regarding where and how we pollute and what we consume. Some say that if a man or woman lives to be one hundred years old that the person lived a long and healthy life- though I have yet to have discovered a healthy looking individual at such an age. Are we somehow contributing to an acceleration of the aging process of man?
    What are some methods to effectively slow the aging process at just the right age?
    What are the triggers linked to distress and premature aging?
    In a globalized world, is the genetic variance of the human population diversifying or is it segmenting into segregated classifications?
    Does bearing children with someone of the same ethnicity increase the risks of detrimental mutations (cancer) and reduce the chance of successful human mutations (evolution)?
    What sort of cultural norms and government codes need to be instilled in our global society to produce a human race capable of conquering death?

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    kansasyarnposted 4 years ago

    There are many agents that cause premature aging in our society.  I will mention a few here that come to the top of my head.  First, drugs and alcohol are a leading cause of premature aging and death.  As and RN, I have worked as the administrator of the medical program within a maximum security prison.  It is commonly said that the inmates there are "35 years old and living in a 75 year old bodies."  This is due to their abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Add to this promiscuous sex and you have a recipe for disaster. 

    Second, our food supply is contaminated with chemicals used to fertilize the ground, kill off pests and genetically modify our crops.  So, as our agricultural industry has advanced, the quest to produce more crops to make more money and feed our way of life has caused our food supply to both feed us and cause us illness at the same time. 

    Third, obesity is now overtaking our country.  Obesity brings with it the risk for heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and, usually, a sedentary lifestyle.  As our technology has advanced, our entertainment options and even our work duties have become either indoor or require little physical activity.  Our diet, however, has not changed to accommodate our lifestyle change.  We continue to eat processed and fast foods in addition to overeating (consuming more calories that we use each day).  All of this carries the risk of illness and premature death.  An interesting side note to this is that wherever our fast food chains go in the world, those countries also begin to experience obesity and increased health risks. 

    At any age, these risks can be avoided and health restored by adopting a plant based diet.  There is a wealth of information on the benefits of consuming plant based foods as opposed to animal products.  Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and more can be reversed and eliminated with this simple lifestyle change.  With the reversal of illness and restoration of health and vitality, we can also reverse premature aging.

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 4 years ago

    This question/topic is really profoundly confusing and beyond answering!

    Yet I will try:
    We are destined to die / No way around it / We must allow new souls to come in and we must allow ourselves to leave / It is the way of life / People who are one hundred will not live much longer / The heart will just one day stop beating, no matter how much yogurt they consume or how healthy their diet / Sorry, but that is the reality /
    and no  G o v e r n m e n t  can have any affect on it...

    How could anyone think otherwise?????