What comes to mind when fitspo/pro-ana/thinsperation is mentioned?

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    talfonsoposted 4 years ago

    With the thinspo/pro-ana/thinsperation blogs and pictures being a  trend on the Web in recent years, I stumbled across news from 2008 about Japan’s ministry of health cracking down on obesity. '

    I understand the point, because obesity (in particular, abdominal obesity) is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome, also known as “metabo” in that country. Gyms pump up music containing lyrics that bid, “Goodbye, metabolic. Let’s get our checkups together. Go! Go! Go! Goodbye, metabolic. Don’t wait till you get sick. No! No! No!”

    But I don’t understand employees losing weight because they need to retain their jobs.
    That’s what the law requires them to do – men 40 and over need to stay under 33.5 inches and women at the age range need to stay 35.5 inches on their waists. Failure to meet those requirements will result in the companies being fined.

    Fining companies because people have apple shapes? That’s pretty harsh. I can imagine the same law being passed elsewhere in the world, including America. Just imagine not only that workplace waist circumference measurements, but also the dreaded BMI report cards. Expect not only cartoons of buttons popping out of shorts, but also thin (yes, thin) women in bikinis plastered all over the clinics and nurse’s offices.

    The largest ramification of the law is the growing number of people who develop eating disorders. There will be people shelling out money for dangerous weight loss pills. There will be a lot of incidences of overexercising-related injuries.

    We don’t need the government to tell us to lose weight – we just need common sense. The reason I stayed below 35 inches on my waist (as opposed to Japan’s 35.5, which is the wrong measurement) is through not only exercise and healthy eating. I am losing weight so I can be healthy, not for Big Brother or for the runways.

    Japan’s “metabo” crackdown is what comes to my mind when pro-ana/thinspo/thinsperation is mentioned. I honestly can't avoid thinking about it when seeing a picture with the caption, "Nothing tastes good as skinny feels." What comes to mind when I mention those terms?

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    psycheskinnerposted 3 years ago

    Over and Underweight to the degree of impairing health are both problems.  I don't see one or the other being more serious. It is in the public interest to encourage people to avoid either extreme.