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C-Section and Injury - Need some help

  1. Eldritch Elegy profile image60
    Eldritch Elegyposted 8 years ago

    All right, so.

    I've got a hip injury. I got it before I got pregnant, and I went to about a million military doctors who were complete morons and didn't give a shit. They didn't document it in my records.

    They admitted I had it, even sent me to physical therapy and did x-rays, but then they didn't write down anything they told me.

    Now I'm trying to convince my OB doctor that I NEED A C-SECTION.

    He says it would be irresponsible of him to do that without any record of my injuries.

    I'm due in three weeks, and couldn't get to him any sooner, and now he says that I can get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor but it probably won't change his mind.

    I don't have TIME to see an orthopedic doctor, unless one will take me TOMORROW. And even so, what happens if they do admit that I'm injured, tell my doctor, and he still decides to be a dipshit and refuse to perform the procedure that will save my career and keep me from needing a hip replacement?

    Another doctor probably won't take me this late in the pregnancy.

    If he doesn't do it, I'm going to sue him for loss of income, pain and suffering, and anything else I can get.

    But I really don't want it to go that far.

    If business women can schedule a c-section for THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE, why can't I get one for my health?

    Anybody got any advice? I'm really angry, here, and I don't know what to do.

    1. Lady Guinevere profile image60
      Lady Guinevereposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Go natural.  When and if they find something going wrong they can do it right then and there and you are already anesthesized.  I am not tryig to be rude or anything like that but think positive with this child.  Whatever you feel you baby feels too.  If you think that this will ruin your career and your job then that is what it will do if you let it be that way.  Don't fret until it is time to fret over things.  Live in this moment with your child--they feel and hear and all those things way before they are born,  just be aware of how you think and react to things.

  2. rose0208 profile image53
    rose0208posted 8 years ago

    now days you can choose between vaginal delivery or c section. your doctor is nobody to tell you what to do. you need to tell him that you already called a lawyer and if he is not gona do what you asked him you will sue him and dont feel bad for doing that because there are no good doctors they are all business men. Listen call medical board and report on him trust me he will get so scared that he will do anything report him to insurances and medical dministration I work in a medical field so you have a chose. dont give upif he will sence that you are weak he will use that good luck

    1. Janet21 profile image81
      Janet21posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I am not so sure that is true.  I believe you can only choose to have a c-section if you have already had one due to a medical issue.   My first child was born via a c-section due to complications.  Therefore, with my second and third child, I was given the option.  This is because once you have a c-section there is a risk that the scar tissue could tear during a vaginal birth and cause complications.  Bascially, with my second child my doctors gave me a choice and with my third (after already having 2 c-sections) my doctors basically told me that I was having a c-section this time around as well(I technically didn't have a choice) since there was too much scar tissue at this point.

      It all boils down to what insurance companies will cover.  C-sections cost a lot more than vaginal births and doctor's need to document a valid medical reason for doing this procedure or else they don't get paid. 

      Sorry about your situation.  I hope things work out for you.