Exercising, Eating And Building Muscles

  1. samihipendo profile image59
    samihipendoposted 3 years ago

    So here is the deal, I`ve been working out for quite some time, no weight lifting only body-weight exercises (pull ups, push ups, sit ups etc). And, apart from some weight loss, I haven`t really noticed any change in musculature. Of course, I did not expect to blow up but was hoping for at least some results.

    So I wanted to ask you people to help me out with nutrition. I do not wish to take any supplements but I am willing to regulate my nutrition a bit better if that will help my muscles recover from the exercise and grow.

    Are there any foods you can recommend before or after workout, that can help me achieve my goal? I read that eating proteins after a workout is good because it will help speed up the process of muscle recovery, but I`m not sure about the quantities and types of food... Also, if you can suggest any exercise regime that helped you, I would be interested in hearing it.