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Your views on homoeopathy

  1. Julaha profile image59
    Julahaposted 8 years ago

    My daughter (4 years old) recently fell ill with a severe bout of allergic cough, blocked nose and breathing trouble. We tried allopathy, but there were several problems with it. The medicines were so bitter that the child would not take them, and we didn't have the heart to use force. Some of the medicines were in the form of tablets which she could not swallow.

    We finally took her to a homoepathy practitioner, and I am glad to report that the simple, sweet-tasting medicines she prescribed eventually cured the child.

    I want to know if you have had similar experiences with homoeopathy and whether it is appropriate for more serious illnesses.

    1. HerpesAntidote profile image39
      HerpesAntidoteposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Absolutely! I have used it to cure herpes, UTI or bladder infection and improve well-being. I think this therapy is amazing.

  2. K.D. Clement profile image76
    K.D. Clementposted 8 years ago

    I have taken homeopathic preparations for mastitis and they did work-but in conjunction with other things.  From what I have read about homeopathy there is not a lot of hard evidence to support the claims-yet it works sometimes.  I do wonder if faith in a certain cure brings results because the mind body connection is so strong.

    My advice would be to only take homeopathic medicines in conjuction with the allopathic remedies you deem necessary (sometimes antibiotics are necessary for very bad bacterial infections).  I think relying on one method-whether it is allopathic or alternative-can be foolhardy and we should always listen to our inner body wisdom.

  3. SiddSingh profile image61
    SiddSinghposted 8 years ago

    I have tried Homeopathy a few times with decent success. A few years back I was down with a bout of Jaundice, and cured it only with homeopathy. It is said that the success of homeopathy depends on the correct diagnosis.

  4. aniketgore profile image66
    aniketgoreposted 8 years ago

    homeopathy is really good. I am a Asthma patient and i am ok and standing only because of homeopathy. It really saved my life.

  5. Julaha profile image59
    Julahaposted 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your experiences here.

    As far as I understand, and I can claim some knowledge of homeopathy because I have written a short hub on it, this treatment system works by stimulating the body's natural response system to illnesses by introducing small quantities of the disease causing element into the body. This triggers the defence system of the body and make the body secrete the antigens and other disease-fighting elements which eventually overcome the illness.

    Since very minute quantities of the illness causing element are introduced, no harms comes through homeopathy medications.

    In this sense it is similar to vaccination which has a thorough scientific base, but it may be oversimplification and even erroneous to compare homeopathy with vaccination.

  6. Colebabie profile image59
    Colebabieposted 8 years ago

    As far as I know you can't cure herpes but only treat it and reduce the number of outbreaks. Homeopathic treatments have helped me with certain ailments. But you have to be careful because while most are regulated by the FDA they are not to the extent of allopathic prescription drugs.

    1. HerpesAntidote profile image39
      HerpesAntidoteposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      There are many homeopaths who don't know what they're doing but I can assure you that homeopathy can suppress symptoms in most patients. A good homeopath can really help you. I know homeopathy is not very popular everywhere but it works on most people who haven't abused their body too much.
      I understand it is hard to believe. I used to think homeopathy was just a placebo until it got me out of one UTI twice a month.

      About curing herpes, it would cost at least $10 million to start having solid evidence on the subject so I meant it can help become symptoms free. I don't use homeopathy alone to achieve such results though but I did. Besides homeopathy is quite affordable. It costs only a few pennies per day and doesn't have severe side effects.

      About regulation. It depends on the company you choose but you can get excellent quality products even in America.
      I am in Europe and things are even easier here.

  7. Liquid_Vitamins profile image60
    Liquid_Vitaminsposted 8 years ago

    I've been into homeopathic/organic/all natural medicine for just over 4 years now. I believe in the fact that you can rely on "mother nature" to help you treat, prevent, and cure many diseases. But it doesn't hurt to sometimes see a traditional doctor.

  8. clairetjie profile image53
    clairetjieposted 8 years ago

    Its best to live life as natural as possible . Therefore homeopathy, is more of a natural path to take. lets this always be your first form of medication. the benefits are tremendous .
    Some people will still call it mombo jumbo ... what can you do so is live. but good for you lthat you tried it with your daughter.

  9. Christa Dovel profile image84
    Christa Dovelposted 8 years ago

    I have had excelent results with homeoepathy, especially those based on an accutal diseases. 

    I often make my own, to treat specific illnesses, in myself and my children.  I also use one that I concocted to treat seassonal alergies.