How do you motivate yourself to get fit?

  1. Jimmys Money blog profile image65
    Jimmys Money blogposted 2 years ago

    Many put off getting fit until 'Tomorrow'...let others know what the best way to motivate yourself to get fit is.

    1. Popit profile image76
      Popitposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      The small holding is very physical work, if I don't work on it every day; I loose muscle tone and risk injuries.  I've found dry stone walling, builds stomach muscles, pointing gives you great pecs and mucking out is an all over body work out.  Walking 10 Kilometers a day with the dogs does the rest.  I never planned to get fit, my change in lifestyle did it for me.  Acquiring a nasty wheat allergy took care of my weight problem and I'm now an English size 10.  So for all you slackers out there; drop out of modern society, acquire an auto immune disease and take responsibility for a load of livestock and dogs and you too could be fit.  (Unless of course you slip in the pouring rain whilst lifting a pig arc, in which case you'll have a pain in the neck for 4 months and still have to do all the work. big_smile