GOP ACA to replace .... the ACA

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    ptosisposted 11 months ago

    Do you watch on youtube John Oliver's 'Last week this Sunday?" American Health Care Act: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) March 12, 2017 episode located @

    At one point he said:
    1-  the top 0.01$ will get a tax credit of $159,000
    2- average tax credit for those over 60 will drop from an average of $13k to a cap of $4k

    Well I want to fact check this. It sounds crazy.
    If you are able to fact check this than please respond with a link.

    all I got so far is this: … acare_rich

    "The Republican plan represents a massive tax cut to benefit wealthy households and powerful corporations in America.   ...   The 400 wealthiest households in America, because of this tax cut, will see annual tax cuts of $7 million per household.  .... By the way, we don’t have precise numbers on this, because the Republicans are pushing this forward before the Congressional Budget Office has put out a score, both in terms of cost and coverage losses."

    Not precise? NSS .. $159k - $1m seems to a "little ' (roll eyes) inaccurate.

    Anybody have more precise numbers?