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I would like to find out how and where I can speak about my experience, strength

  1. Tami 15 profile image50
    Tami 15posted 9 years ago

    I would like to find out how and where I can speak about my experience, strength and hope with others regarding my alcoholism and drug addiction, for which I am currently in recovery.

  2. djbaxter profile image54
    djbaxterposted 8 years ago

    There are several forums where you can find support for this and related issues. A Google search for search phrases like self-help forums, mental health support forums, addictions support forums, or 12-step support forums, etc., should turn up quite a few. As a starting place, you could try http://forum.psychlinks.ca smile

  3. bradley4315 profile image59
    bradley4315posted 8 years ago

    Where I found most information regarding getting off of drugs wasn't from people who weren't addicts, but people who were.  I truly believe that the age-old saying, "You don't know what it's like in someone else's shoes until you've walked a mile in them" is totally true.  A by-the-book, clean-cut doctor who may have gone as far as getting drunk a couple of times or toking on a joint in college will not understand, truly, what you are going through.  Addicts, on the other hand, will.  So do what I did.  Search the Web.  Go to Google, type in questions you have about drug problems....exactly the way you would ask that question to a real-life person....and you'll find tons of stuff posted online by recovering addicts.  It helped me a great deal to know what I was going through, that I wasn't the only one out there dealing with opiate addiction, and that it was possible to get help and make a strong recovery.  Having my freedom back, and being myself again, is the best thing that has happned to me since I started using opiates several years ago.  With the help and advice I found from people online, I was able to find the means to get clean, and I haven't taken a pill in more than a month and a half.  I hope this helps.  And stay strong!  I know how hard it is.

    God Bless,


  4. Tami 15 profile image50
    Tami 15posted 8 years ago

    Bradley & djbaxter,

    Thank you both for your responses. I just celebrated 9 months clean & sober, and I feel great. I want to write a book, which is my ultimate goal, and why I posted on this site in the first place.

    Bradley, congratulations on your clean time! It is the hardest thing anyone has to do, getting clean, but SO worth it!

    Thanks again,

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    Larry Isrealposted 8 years ago

    I invite you to speak with me. Also check out my Hub as I have just began today 07/12/09 and am new to the hub.I firmly believe that an undue stigma is unwittingly placed up those of us who have used drugs and alcohol. Most treatment professionals believe addictions to be "diseases" and that they cannot be cured. I believe that addictions are "symptoms" not diseases, and there is a cure for the real issues that cause individuals such ourselves to attempt to cope by self- medicating ( getting high) . I would welcome any thoughts on this. I wish continued success with your recovery journey.

  6. Jennifer Bhala profile image60
    Jennifer Bhalaposted 8 years ago

    When I was a lot younger I was into smoking, drugs and alcohol. I felt it killing me but I had tried other things without success.
    It wasn't until I found something that replaced what I was missing in my life that caused me to use those things as a crutch that I was able to just stop using them. Siddha Yoga meditation filled the void. It answered the question I was asking from the depths of my soul. Who am I and what the hell am I on this earth for? Now, over 30 years later, I have also found that Young Living Essential Oils are what had been missing in keeping my body healthy and balanced. Drugs, of any sort, legal or illegal have toxic side effects and will cause unbalance in the mind, body, emotions and spirit. The oils are balancing to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. I have never, in 51 years, found anything else that can actually heal, on a cellular level, our bodies like Young Living oils can.
    These have been my experiences and I am grateful for them.
    May you also fill the void that was causing you to escape life with drugs and alcohol and also find a way to heal any damage and inbalances that has caused.

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    lyricsingrayposted 8 years ago

    Hi, I would be thrilled to post your story with the rest of testimonials on ww.dearaddict.ca.  This issue is strictly recovery related and is not showing but has video and speakers instead.  However, I could post you gladly at any time given it would be a new submission.  You can write as little or as much as you like, I am the editor and will check spelling but would never alter a letter otherwise.  Look forward to your response, but more-so as dear addict insists, your no longer alone is our message to the addict still suffering.  I am grateful I caught your question, we need your voice, and it will stay posted as long as you like
    kimberly gray
    personal email-fade2gray@rogers.com
    see how you feel about site first-especially video The woman I found.  www.dearaddict.ca

  8. Mrs. Obvious profile image96
    Mrs. Obviousposted 8 years ago

    Hi Tami, I admire you wanting to share with others. That is so important to people who are still struggling. To know that someone can make it. I encourage you to check out my hub on Celebrate Recovery. At the large group meetings you can share your testimony live on stage and it makes a great impact to the people who hear you. Good luck with all your endeavors! God Bless!

  9. Justine T profile image53
    Justine Tposted 8 years ago

    I know that i may be young but i have alot of the same kind of problems . An there is places for thees problems but i think that people that are recovering addicts should talk... because most the time the people that are telling us how an what to do about it dont truly know what the hell its like an what we are going threw i have a very intresting hub about it... i u care to comment

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    jewelscu2posted 7 years ago



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    vik482posted 7 years ago

    Alcoholics Anonymous is the ideal place where you will find like minded souls. AA is the best accompaniment to alcohol rehab for spiritual treatment of alcohol abuse.
    AA group therapy consists of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions which are crucial for your recovery.

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    kerocheposted 7 years ago

    you can talk all about your experiences at my recovery blog


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    Charluposted 7 years ago

    Hi Tami
    2+ years no booze, no drugs, and I love going to stayingcyber.org  along with other websites for newbies who sometimes just need someone to listen.  Always remember you have to give a away a little to keep what you have, so your on the right path.

  14. cathyaddams567 profile image58
    cathyaddams567posted 5 years ago

    The best place to go to to be able to express your feelings about alcoholism is an Inpatient Alcohol Treatment, to know more about this, go to an inpatient substance abuse treatment, go to http://abusetreatmentcenters.net/ for more info.