Safe ways to jumpstart weightloss

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  1. RGraf profile image91
    RGrafposted 9 years ago

    Safe ways to jumpstart weightloss

  2. junomich profile image60
    junomichposted 9 years ago

    The short answer is water!   If you have been inactive for a long period of time, don't try to run the marathon.

    Eat more frequently during the day.  Sounds strange. Nope, don't eat more, just more frequently, it keeps your metabolism up.

    Not eating, makes your body think that it is starving, and will actually store more fat.

    There is really no safe way to dramatically lose weight fast. Depending upon your age, weight and gender 2-lbs per week is considered safe.

  3. Hiperion profile image60
    Hiperionposted 9 years ago

    The best way to loose weight is walkin 40-60 minutes everyday. You must go accelerated but without being running. And of course, you must eat good food and only a little bit each time and 5 or 6 times a day.

  4. vancanuck77 profile image55
    vancanuck77posted 9 years ago

    Hello there. if it is weight loss you are looking for i advise you to go here and it will help answer a few of your questions about losing weight and from there you can find out even more on how to lose weight in a safe manner. Always remember your body needs fuel(meaning food) and starving that in any way will make it malfunction just like a car with no gas.

  5. Martha_monica profile image59
    Martha_monicaposted 9 years ago

    Agree with Junomich.
    Researchers in Berlin found that their subjects had a 30 percent increase in metabolism after drinking approximately 17 ounces of water. The increases occurred within 10 minutes of drinking the water.

    The higher the metabolic rate the more calories you burn, the better the weight loss.

    More info on my blog

  6. profile image52
    thewrightstuff9posted 9 years ago

    Take a kitchen knife and put a slit into your gut, not a deep one, just eneough to break through the dermis. Then start to squeeze all your fat out.

  7. monicaelayne profile image61
    monicaelayneposted 9 years ago

    Setting a goal is MOST important. It doesn't have to be a general, and often daunting goal like lose 50 pound by next month. Be realistic and honest with yourself. I make daily and weekly goals. "Today I will drink 8 full glasses of water and park really far away from wherever I am going". It is hard enough to deal with today, much less a month from now. The key is to adjust the choices you are making. You did not become over weight over night, and it is will not be lost overnight. Take your time. Make healthier behavior choices to start. I lost 85 pounds by taking it one day at a time, and 8 months later, it was gone. And 8 years is STILL gone.


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