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    EZFITNESSposted 8 years ago


    I work in retail and i get asked a lot questions by the ladies that i work with some i can answer some i can not and the question that i can not answer is this lady asked me today if her live in boy friend of eighteen years leave her at home every weekend and come home at 3:00am or later every weekend and some times not at all, what should she do  , because they have kids which are all grown and grand kids and she don`t wanted it to seem like she broke up what they look at as a marriage what does i tell this lady???? HELP IN DALLAS!

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    tinkerbell09posted 8 years ago

    It sounds sneaky.  With them being together for so long, she should be able to spark a calm conversation about what he does all weekend without her.  If he blows up, then something is going on. If he doesn't and tells her what he's been doing, she better be prepared to hear the worst.  If she knows that her boyfriend will not cheat on her, then she may not have anything to worry about, he may just need some time out of the house.

    Let her know deception is never a good sign in a relationship.  Tell her not to let him dance around the question of what he does out all weekend and stay as calm as possible.  If he is cheating, she will give him fuel to go out and keep doing it if she blows up at him.

    Hope that helps her.

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    Sesshoumaru2stposted 6 years ago

    Listen,don't fall for any tricks.The fact that you work with this lady means big trouble giving her advise on her personal life.If she wants help,let her get a professional relationship counselor,or a pastor who deals with relationships.I have seen countless guys trying to help out female co- workers and got nailed for assault,battery and you know the rest.It's even worse if you have a favorable position in that retail department.I don't trust her. Listen,the best option you have is to tell her you don't want anything to do with her "PERSONAL" life.I'm not joking man play it safe!