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Is bittergourd really good for diabetics?

  1. 888royale profile image70
    888royaleposted 8 years ago

    Is bittergourd really good for diabetics?

    for the sake of natural therapy, diabetics are in dire need of food alternatives to lower their blood sugar. Some are claiming that bittergourd is one of it.

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    Dominique Tengposted 8 years ago

    Bitter gourd (Mormodica charantia) is well known in China for its medicinal properties, especially for its ability to regulate blood sugar. At least three active compounds have been identified. The Chinese use bitter gourd as vegetable in various dishes or as a tea. In the West an ongoing research is being conducted and the results are very promising as the active compounds seem to regulate sugar metabolism in the body.

  3. Lori P. profile image87
    Lori P.posted 8 years ago

    Yes! Clinical studies have proven it. However, there are precautions as bitter melon can cause ulcers, stomach upset and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Also, pregnant women and young children should not consume bitter melon as it can cause spontaneous miscarriage and too low blood glucose levels.

    The Chinese eat bitter melon as a part of their diet. It is highly bitter so they cook it with meat and other seasonings. Today, there are manufactured supplements in capsule form.

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    Indian Sailorposted 8 years ago

    yes Bittergourd is a natural anti - diabetic vegetable. Bitter gourd juice taken in the morning on an empty stomach would bring down the sugar levels. Further the natural bitterness of the gourd acts a natural de-wormer in the stomach and helps in digestion.

  5. ledifnoznab profile image57
    ledifnoznabposted 7 years ago

    I am now chewing bitter gourd. For more than a month of eating the fresh fruit my blood glucose is maintained within the normal level. Of course, you have to eat any kind of food even with sweets just to put off your hunger.

    Although, different persons are not the same in recovery it is advisable to make a try. I mean it may be working in me because my body could tolerate the bitter taste.

    According to a booklet written by an Indian doctor, whatever is sweet to taste is bitter inside and vice versa. I am a reflex therapy practitioner and food for me is the best medicine along with laughter.