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Tips for choosing a gym

  1. pankaj3625 profile image73
    pankaj3625posted 8 years ago

    Tips for choosing a gym

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    soni2006posted 8 years ago

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  3. Gregg Biancci profile image60
    Gregg Biancciposted 8 years ago

    Check out a few places and pick the one you find most comfortable.   If you're going to be spending a lot of time there it's important that the gym has everything you want - swimming, lots of bikes, lots of weights, etc...

  4. adelaidept profile image72
    adelaideptposted 8 years ago

    Main choices are: commercial, private/boutique, female only and more. It will depend largely on your experience level and personality, level of self-confidence, etc.

    To illustrate further, take a guy firstly, who has plenty of training experience, not shy and knows what he is doing and doesn't need the assistance of a gym trainer. Then take a female who is not used to being around exercise equipment, lots of people, and generally is quite unsure of herself. She would naturally do better in a private/boutique or female only gym at least to begin with.

    These are obviously generalised statements but I see this all the time and after being in gyms myself for over 20 years I see it every day.

    Regards, Clayton
    Adelaide Personal Trainers