What is the best remedy for a concussion?

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  1. Nathaniel Wright profile image61
    Nathaniel Wrightposted 9 years ago

    What is the best remedy for a concussion?

  2. HannahLW profile image59
    HannahLWposted 9 years ago

    The hospital.
    Concussions need to be assessed by a doctor to determine the right course of action. Concussions can lead to serious brain damage, initially, if they are severe. Milder concussions can lead to more concussions, which compiled, can result in serious brain damage as well.
    So, go see a doctor on this one.
    Your brain might thank you.

  3. DonnyBoy profile image59
    DonnyBoyposted 9 years ago

    Never fall asleep, until you see someone.
    Doctors can only make the best remedy.

  4. RNMSN profile image91
    RNMSNposted 8 years ago

    its funny now/all my small town emer room escapades as a mean ole nurse smile
    ...but heres the way it plays out...patient comes into er with possible cncussion..cat scan is ordered, concussion confirmed may or may not go to er/lets say not...stay in ICU for observation all day or all nght depending on when it happened
    every 5 min for the first hour the nurse never leaves, watches you, the monitor and scribbles in the chart, all the time assuring you everything is fine, just rest
    ....course rest does NOT mean sleep.
    .then the second third and fourth hour it slacks up only get pestered every 15 minutes....then the MD comes in again the fifth or sixth hour and checks you out again and says dont worry, rest....
    no you cant go to sleep yet, no but you can have tylenol for your headache...haha   
    then you get pesterd every 30 min for the next 4 hours
    then every 8 hours for the next 4
    then  the md comes back and says OK go home and go to bed and sleep/another cat scan first of course then you can go home

    guess when you feel better?
    right! when you get home and get to to to bed!!!
    when you wake up you are a bit dizzy at first but other than that you are much better...
    so whats the public opiion then of what you should do for a concussion? right...go home and sleep youll feel better!!!!
    kow why the public is wrong?
    aside from all the N. Kratchets of course  haha....
    concussion is when your rain is jostled back and forth in that small 1/4th inch space between it and your hard bony skull
    gross I know
    all that causes fluid to slosh, bruising to form, perhaps a small bleed to develop...
    you do NOT want to be alone, asleep ....if that happens.

    all those penlights, dumb questions, how many fingers, what year is it, BP, alll that stuff that kept you awake in the hopital was done to pinpoint any slight mental status changes asap!!!

    so there you have it...a day n the life of a Nurse Kratchet whose birth certificate says

  5. frogyfish profile image77
    frogyfishposted 8 years ago

    On your way to the doctor or the ER clinic, take the homeopathic Arnica you have in your first aid kit.  (No, you most likely don't, but I believe everyone should.)

    Arnica is a tiny pellet to melt under your tongue.  It has been used for many years as a first aid treatment for any head bump or injury, as well as other bodily trauma like sprains, strains.

    There is a liquid Arnica applied topically but it must never be used on cut or broken skin as it will irritate.
    Do an online search and you will find much about the amazing healing properties of this old-time remedy.

    My family has used this successfully for 'kid falls' for many years with great results.


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