Add? Autism? I know the definition. How do we get it? How to prevent it?

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    hinckles komaposted 8 years ago

    Add?  Autism?  I know the definition. How do we get it?   How to prevent it?

    How did it start? How long ago it started?

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    enlightenedpsych2posted 8 years ago

    I am not one to speculate because it makes pandemonium start so I will answer based on what I feel and sense strongly from deep within a place of intellect and reason. Neurological defects are caused by ingesting, breathing, and accepting hazardous chemicals in our water, foodstuffs, cosmetics and the pharmaceutical grip this nation is held under.

    I finished my baccalaureate degree for psychology specializing in abnormal child development because I thought I could prevent further if not assist in current cases of autism and cognistive spectrum disorders. I discovered early-on it is a government and money-making arena where the affected are brought in like cattle and led to believe there is some miraculous cure.

    There would be no further cases of extreme hyperactivity and decreased intelligence quotient if fluoride stopped being added to local drinking water in many US states; 2) if FD&C yellow #5 and #6 plus RED #40 and LAKE RED #4 were removed from ALL foodstuffs and cosmetics; and 3) finally every antidepressant, synthetic birth control, period reducer, antiinflammatory STOP being used so women who will become pregnant with future babies won't contribute to the elements found in toddlers affected by ADD, parents struggling through their own ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive construct malfunctions. Without those specific environmental and pharmaceutical government controlled substances are out of here, we stand a greater chance of survival and tapping into our own healing powers !

    sharing the light,
    miss erica hidvegi the enlightenment advisor

    P.S. I have a hub on the effects of FD&C yellows . . .

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