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why sex is so important in the life of living beings

  1. profile image46
    sumair_00posted 8 years ago

    why sex is so important in the life of living beings

  2. dabeaner profile image55
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Because of evolution (in your face, all you bible-thumpers).

    If creatures (including us) did not have a sexual drive, why bother?  (After all, if you look at it objectively, it is a rather ridiculous looking exercise, isn't it?)

    Anyway, if a species loses its sex drive, it will go extinct.  So, it is important to species that remain.

  3. Azhar Kamar profile image73
    Azhar Kamarposted 8 years ago

    Because it's a reproduction process. And it's fun and highly pleasurable. ;-D

  4. appam profile image61
    appamposted 8 years ago

    Perhaps it is one among the biggest wonders of this universe. During creation of the first species itself this wonderful stimuli e is in built in all creatures. Ever so many things copulate once and in certain species one kill the other after that. Sex is enjoyment in every living beings and men include in that.Since sex is the biggest enjoyment human beings derive the humanity is existing. If it was the other way all our mothers would have remained virgins.

  5. Alice Silver profile image51
    Alice Silverposted 8 years ago

    Because at some point u cant hold out anymore.
    we have raging hormones and we cant stay pure forever.
    i as a christion think we are going to have sex and not after marrage. I strongly beleive that us humans were mad for sex and we are going to do it.

    (i dont believe in waiting till marrage it just aint possible)