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What is the best way for Uric Acid treatment in blood? I personally have this pr

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    pisethzposted 8 years ago

    What is the best way for Uric Acid treatment in blood? I personally have this problem. Anyone or doc

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    myweightlossplanposted 8 years ago

    Uric Acid gets into our bodies via the food and drink that we ingest. Uric- is short for urine by product that is made up of acid and our body is moving it through the blood stream toward the kidneys for removal. The acid come into the body by certain foods we eat. Soda, Milk, meat all chemical are waste and have a positive charge, as acid foods and drinks. Some fruits, and a few veggies are acid. Alkaline foods have neg charge. The charge amount isn't important to know right now. The only thing to think about now, is, " what your eating now, is it acid or alkaline?"  Our bodies should be just slightly more acid than alkaline. Yours sounds like there's way too much acid. This can set you up for disease's of all types. Disease grows in acid. To put things back into balance one nees to start eating more alkaline fruits and veggies right away.  Your body know what to do nest. Drink lots of water to wash the extra acid out to the kindeys. Things change quickly. The proof is in the pudding. By the way, that's acid too.

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    Affordablefunposted 8 years ago

    I am very sorry to hear of your problem. 
    Having a balance of ' acid to alkaline " is key to healthy living. 
    Yes you can change your eating habits always a very good idea to watch what we eat.  What are you drinking though?  I have been using this X20 product that has changed my body is so many ways.  I wish I had found it earlier.  It is easy to use just put a pack in your water bottle and enjoy!  Drinking your way to healthy balance of " acid/ alkaline ".Call me if you like to try some
    Geri C

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    The Ropeposted 8 years ago

    I went through this with my dad when he was diagnosed with "gout".  Limiting purine intake is the key. 

    Purine is found in whole gains, protiens and a myriad of other "good for you foods".  The list of foods to avoid and foods that were okay that he was given were a laugh but it was 15 years ago.  Don't eat whole grains (i.e. whole wheat bread etc), do eat jello.  Don't eat meat drippings and gravies, do eat lettuce.  Fortunately we found some terrific info on the internet and eventually developed a plan.   We took him off of all the foods loaded with purine ( like soups - which usually have a base made from meat broths, and any gravies or sauces that had meat broths involved) for three months to clear out his system.  We even cooked his meat above the heat so that the fat would drain off which is where the protien purine is usually found.  Then we began adding them back in one by one - the very day he ate mushrooms which he adored, his uric acid sky rocketed and his gout flared up for a week.  Never had an issue after he stopped eating them.  But this was just his personal reaction.

    Good luck to you.  Try surfing for articles on "purine" and you should find some wonderful resources.