Are there any NATURAL cures, besides Wheatgrass, that are good at cleansing the

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  1. Lyricsnlines profile image60
    Lyricsnlinesposted 8 years ago

    Are there any NATURAL cures, besides Wheatgrass, that are good at cleansing the blood?

    I am a diabetic and I have high blood pressure..I need to lose 60 pounds as a starting place, I have been considering either Lap band or gastric bypass, but there have been mixed emotions...I need some help!

  2. mic8398 profile image60
    mic8398posted 8 years ago

    U must go to Sarawak ,Kuching and must try what they call Laksa,wow, it's hot

  3. Gemynii profile image60
    Gemyniiposted 8 years ago

    I found an article a while back that really helped me. I tried to copy and paste but it's too long. To find it, go to Type in How to Cleanse the Blood. It's drastic but doable. Hope it helps you. Good luck.

  4. pippap profile image85
    pippapposted 8 years ago

    One of the best blood cleansers around are beets.  Try adding them to your diet.  They are delicious juiced and make a nice addition to soups and stews.

    They are full of nutrients, stimulate your liver to cleanse your blood, help cleanse and detoxify your blood, and are full of natural mineral water to help nourish your skin.

    Shiitake Mushrooms are excellent for helping your body lower bad cholesterol. Recent studies are showing that they also help stimulate immune cells that help your body detoxify and clear the body of tumor cells.

    These mushrooms will benefit your body cleanse as a food or as a supplement.

  5. Ivorwen profile image71
    Ivorwenposted 8 years ago

    There are a number of herbs/foods that have a cleansing affect on the blood.  Instead of trying to expound on all of them right here, I will provide some links, so you can do your own research.

    Cayenne Pepper: … epper.html

    Garlic:  If you tincture the garlic, you can take it without smelling like it.

    Flax seed:  Be sure to check out the side articles.

    Black Pepper:

    Some find Niacin, a vitamin, helpful for cholesterol and  high blood pressure.

  6. profile image53
    mygreatwifeposted 8 years ago

    Really i expect it, i try it many times before... have u give more information...

  7. lotuslove19 profile image67
    lotuslove19posted 8 years ago

    maha manjistha syrup or kwath helps to purify blood ,you can even eat neem or curry leaves every morning to purify your blood also detoxify by drinking 15 glasses of water everyday ad finally do anuloom viloom prayanam to let you body get oxygen and clean the blood on its own

  8. profile image49
    HOME MADE $posted 7 years ago

    I would say GARLIC, put some small pieces on honey in a tsp,,,9that way you wont taste it) and swallow followed by milk or water, it cleanses the blood, kills bacteria in the system, and lowers blood pressure, plus the honey is full of anti oxidants ! which is also excellent for diabetics, i recommend the garlic procedure 2 times a day...honey (once) since you are diabetic, but you still need some sugar and honey is the best most natural way to get it without raising your blood glucose. Cayenne pepper is excellent for cleansing the blood and LOOSING WEIGHT. sprinkle a pinch on anything LITERALLY !! (it does not have a string taste alone) i mean, yogurt, steak, cereal, ANYTHING, you wont even taste it.
    Buy yourself a plastic bottle that you like (make sure you like the look of it) that way it will be like your side kick, you will WANT to drink from it, fill it, take it everywhere with you, and drink. juices are too full of sugar, and help with some vitamin contents,,,but still FATTENING. and not good for diabetics.
    mixed with some granola and yogurt, excellent for weight loss and breakfast option !
    again,,,water, and NEVER eat after 8pm. Also if you eat only 2 or three large meals a day, you will gain weight, if you eat 1 or 2 meals a day, you will gain weight, you must eat 4-5 smaller snack type meals a day to keep your sugar regulated and keep the metabolism keen to burn fat ! this way your body is not in starve mode,,,it knows it will get food every 4 hours or it wont STORE FAT. almonds, green tea (lots) some peanuts, apple a day, anything in handfuls but often, sugar free, protein filled. YOU WILL DO FINE.

    ***HONEY, do NOT GET surgery*** you do not need it, follow a few simple rules and you will see the weight fly off, email me and i can give you more info, i'm full of it ! i have an obese brother, a diabetic father and have so many problems running in my family, all of which I've helped some way.

    cheers girl.


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