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I am in a painful life situation. I have the tools to change my beliefs, so why

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    cross-me-outposted 8 years ago

    I am in a painful life situation. I have the tools to change my beliefs, so why don't I?

    Social Anxiety and Depression has left me friendless and far from family.  I have enjoyed studying psychology in the past.  I have an arsenal of tools.  Tools that can be used to move my life in a more positive direction.  So then, why wouldn't I want to change, what could possibly be holding me in such a painful life situation?

  2. dana825 profile image57
    dana825posted 8 years ago

    It doesn't sound like you have a support system to help motivate you to do this. Despite the knowledge we have of a disorder that it is logical, when we are in it, part of it feels comfortable and we don't want to change. So you may be afraid to reach out because what if there is nobody there? In my experience, I was more comfortable being depressed, even though I was so freaking miserable and wanted to die. I know that makes very little sense, but the mind of someone who is depressed makes very little sense. My best advice is just keep pushing your comfort level little by little.

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    Spindleposted 8 years ago

    I totally agree with dana825.  I suffer from the same and have been having a terrible time.  I went to a therapy class and spoke to others like me and that really helped. 

    And as dana825 said, you have to keep moving your boundaries.  Take things slowly and build them up.  Once you are comfortable at one level, push it, get comfortable again and push it again.

    This not something we just get over, it is something we learn to live with and the fact that you are asking yourself why can't you get out of the situation is the first step.

    If you wanna talk, just message me

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    msorenssonposted 7 years ago

    We were programmed to suffer on our own accord. It is far deeper than simply subconscious programming. The sages have figured this out a long time ago and try to teach us the best way they know how. They left volumes and volumes of books to teach us how to deal with our minds.

    You have to go to the breath of God within. I hope you will find your way. It is manual labor, the discipline of sitting meditation.

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    Bearhunterposted 7 years ago

    Something in your current experiences are serving you on some level.   

    The arsenal of tools can only be used when your done with the lessons, introspection, and experiences of your muscle memory.

    Some signs of movement are when the depression/anxiety has stoped providing something for you, or the discomfort is umbearable  ( allways seek help Please!)

    The experiences could be something you are either unable to see at this time, or unwilling to let go of.  My experience is it sometimes takes another loved one or self examination to revieal the benifits or lessons of depression.

    Out of pain comes growth....    I only speak from my expeinces and intuition and my intentions are of peace...