My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and is now engaged to her ex what now?

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    Max337posted 8 years ago

    My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and is now engaged to her ex what now?

    I have been with my girlfriend for 8 months and we lived together. She got pregnant 6 months ago and we had a little fight about her mom always getting involved. So I told her to take her stuff and move in with her mom if that is the case. Her mom told me to give her time to get her back, but in the mean time the mom told her to go back to her ex as he has changed. Well little background is that he used to beat her up and through there girl around and cheated twice on her. She is now with him after 1 week of breaking up. She has contacted me and told me that she might have made a mistake as he

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    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    Nobody online can tell you "what now" about whether your girlfriend may or may not get back with you; but one thing  you should do is to contact an attorney in your state and find out what you need to do to established paternity.  It wouldn't be quite as big a problem if she isn't married before the baby is born, but if she is married before s/he is born it could be an extra challenge because in some states if the mother is married when the baby is born her husband may be assumed to be the baby's father unless paternity has been otherwise established.

    Your question was cut off, but I think you should tell her you'd like to established paternity; but also call an attorney to ask what you need to do that in your state.  To be candid, your relationship doesn't sound like the "most solid one in the world", but if you want to be your child's father and be a part of his/her life I think you should first make sure you established paternity, because that's what wil protect your parental rights.

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    angelidez13posted 7 years ago

    wow "dabeaner" an abortion! what is it with people like you! his question is not concerning not having the baby its what to do about his girlfriend leaving him for some jerk that used to beat her and cheat on attention to the question idiot...anyways, your post was cut off  so im assuming she called you and said she made a big mistake because he hasn't changed and she wants you back ... well if thats the case i think you have to look into your own heart first then if you feel you want her back then by all means do it just make sure you talk it out first ask her why she did what she did and go on from there