Hello..hope you can direct me. I have horrible insurance and don't want to see d

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    gf052309posted 8 years ago

    Hello..hope you can direct me. I have horrible insurance and don't want to see doctor if not...

    needed. I am 38 woman and have discovered a very hard bony lump on chest bone. Seems to be connected to my sternum. Pressing on it does not hurt although I have a great pain in other parts of the sternum particularly when my sternum is pressed. I am in good health otherwise. I also have had a good bit of joint pain in knees, hips and recently my ankles for years. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

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    1womanposted 8 years ago

    Could be a calcium deposit if it feels truly hard like a bone.  If it's soft and moveable, may be a cyst.  What you DON'T want it to be is a tumorous growth and an office visit may be all it takes to determine that.  Please see someone (I am a med/surg/cardio-thoracic nurse)

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    Arun Pal Singhposted 8 years ago

    When it comes to your health I do not think it is a good idea to ask for thoughts of other people. Rather you need an exp[ert advice.

    I understand you do not want to visit a doctor but there is no other alternative. Everybody else would either put more doubts in your mind or give assurances which you cannot confirm

    Go for a medical check up. That is the only way to know if your problem is serious or not.

    Being a doctor, I happen to see cases which do not seek medical advice for one reason or other.

    And I would tell you something else too. Most of them ultimately came because the situation forced them too and that is not a good thing.

    See a doctor please.