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How do cold temperatures supposedly give us the common cold? Do they?

  1. hermes23 profile image53
    hermes23posted 7 years ago

    How do cold temperatures supposedly give us the common cold? Do they?

  2. TheJman profile image60
    TheJmanposted 7 years ago

    There was some interesting research that was done, i'll share it with you:

    Our bodies have the ability to divert blood to areas that need more of it. For example, when you study more blood is sent to your brain, when you eat, more blood to your stomach and the most known, when you exercise more blood to your muscles.

    Our blood contains white blood cells which are the bodies soilders which fight infections. Our bodies, at normal temprature divert quiet a bit of blood to our noses, thus directing a lot of white blood cells to our nose to help fight any infections which we might breath in.

    When we are cold, our bodies divert blood away from our extremities and towards our core and vital organs to keep them safe from the cold. This is why your hands, feet and nose get cold first as our bodies divert less blood to these and more to our core. Thus, when we are cold less blood is directed to our noses, therefore, less white blood cells to fight off any infections. Thus, why we may get sick. But the cold is not necessarily the direct cause of such sickness.

    So, it seems like our moms are right, put on a sweater or you might catch a cold! smile

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    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    i rarely get sick, & i'm out frequently. of course i don't overdo it, but if i do it never makes me sick, just cold. i only would get a rare cold if thru the air if some 1 else has it, but that's EXTREMELY rare. every 1's different

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    ngurecoposted 7 years ago

    1. When the body’s temperature is lowered, the immune system is also lowered making it possible for you to catch cold. If you had a few of malaria bacteria in your body, they take that opportunity to multiply themselves into millions and within hours you will fall sick. Malaria is a dangerous disease that kills very fast.

    2. But if the cold temperature are coming because the weather has changed, say, it has rained after a long dry spell, then when the rain water enters the soil, air is displaced and its release of air by soil which contains viruses and bacteria – you can smell it when it rains.

    3. If it’s a change of weather, then there is a change of wind circulation, and the new wind, which may be coming from very far away places, is the one which brings cold and flu viruses which your body has not yet created immunity for. So, you will find many people getting sick with flu and cold.