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Do you prefer the heat of the summer, or the cold of the winter?

  1. Poethepoet profile image76
    Poethepoetposted 6 years ago

    Do you prefer the heat of the summer, or the cold of the winter?

  2. rickzimmerman profile image79
    rickzimmermanposted 6 years ago

    All right: are you a winter person? or a summer person? Consider carefully now. read more

  3. NiaG profile image88
    NiaGposted 6 years ago

    Heat, heat, heat. I can always take off layers. But in the winter I feel like no matter how many layers I put on I can never keep warm.

  4. leroy64 profile image81
    leroy64posted 6 years ago

    I prefer summer.  I know what to do about the heat.  My experiences north of Texas tell me that I do not handle cold well.

  5. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Heat of the summer because we have air conditioning and I can get cooled off if I need to.  The cold goes right thru me and my fibromyalgia making it very painful.

  6. Faceless39 profile image93
    Faceless39posted 6 years ago

    In a perfect world I'd always be somewhere between the two extremes!  But if I have to choose, I'll always choose cold over hot.  It's easy to add more layers, but in hot (and especially hot/humid) places, once you get down to bare skin, that's about as far as you can go!

  7. cat on a soapbox profile image97
    cat on a soapboxposted 6 years ago

    Let me preface my answer by saying that I live in So. Calif where it's usually 70 and mild.  Summer, however, can get up to 108. I work out in the elements regardless of the season, and I prefer the cold (30's) to high temperatures (100+). I live and work without central A/C.

  8. hillymillydee profile image59
    hillymillydeeposted 6 years ago

    I used to like summer but here in Canada, I am very allergy to many things, ragweeds, pollens and many more including our carpet when it is humid, I keep sneezing every minute till I will take some pills or nose spray that are very strong. So now I prefer winter because the air is pure and clean for my nose. Of course I can't bear the cold but it is better than sneezing every minute. and I cannot go out anyway I just stay home. My nose seems to fly when I sneeze because of my allergies lol!

  9. C.V.Rajan profile image80
    C.V.Rajanposted 6 years ago

    I would prefer some cold of the winter in summer and some heat of the summer in winter. But God does not care about my preferences!

  10. profile image56
    shorty72posted 6 years ago

    At the moment I am enjoying both yesterday it was 34 where I live. Today it is raining and 17 so I like both when you need it.

  11. breathing profile image60
    breathingposted 6 years ago

    I prefer heat than cold because I am from temperate region and I cannot tolerate cold for long time.

  12. Bretsuki profile image77
    Bretsukiposted 6 years ago

    Hello, I live in Central California, in what would naturally be a desert, if there was no aquaduct.

    Summer temperatures here can reach 110 degrees F. for the months of June until September. Believe me anything over 100 F. is just HOT.

    I prefer the relative cold of winter, it can get to about 32 F. at night in winter but normally hoversaround the 40 degree level.

    Daytime temperatures are often in the upper 50's-low 60's F. So Winter is much nicer.

  13. athena2011 profile image54
    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    My preference is the heat of the Summer. I live in Florida and our Summers are extremely hot and humid. While I do not enjoy the humidity I definitely prefer heat to cold.

    For some reason, the cold is depressing to me. Warmth just makes me feel alive.

  14. nifwlseirff profile image97
    nifwlseirffposted 6 years ago

    Even with blue fingers, I prefer the cold.

    Hot and humid weather leaves me with absolutely no energy, and air-conditioning plays havoc with my sinuses (some fibromyalgia sufferers have trouble with cold, I'm one of those who have trouble with heat). I was regularly flattened in the Australian summer (30-40C). I have found that -10C and snow is much easier for me to deal with, although it does make a walking-commute over icy roads more dangerous.

  15. Cre8tor profile image98
    Cre8torposted 6 years ago

    I'm pretty skinny so I do okay in the heat. The cold on the other hand gets to my bones pretty quick...like today!

  16. ChristyWrites profile image82
    ChristyWritesposted 6 years ago

    I like the heat of summer as I get cold easily. Nice not to have chills during this season!

  17. mikejhca profile image92
    mikejhcaposted 6 years ago

    I prefer the heat in the summer.  In winter I spend most of the time inside and when I go outside there is not a lot to see except snow and ice.  In the summer I go for bike rides to provincial parks, take pictures of animals and relax at the beach.  I like it when it is warm enough to go swimming.  If it is hot I can stay inside or cool off by going to the lake.

    In the winter I tend to gain some weight like most people.  I am at my best in the summer.  My seasonal allergies bothered me a lot but they went away after I started meditating.  When I want to relax I visualize a relaxing beach.

  18. moonfairy profile image77
    moonfairyposted 6 years ago

    I live in the Northeast and I am not a cold weather person at all....I only go outside when I have to in the winter..brrrrrrrrr. I thrive in the heat...but hate humidity (bad hair days smile My favorite weather day is when it's warm and sunny and the humidity is low. I'm soooo looking forward to spring!!

  19. BlossomSB profile image93
    BlossomSBposted 6 years ago

    I prefer the in-between. It's summer here: Sunday was 35C, yesterday 28C and today at the moment it is 16C. Melbourne lies in the path of the Westerly Variables and they sure vary. One thing: we can never say the weather is boring!

  20. KrystalD profile image80
    KrystalDposted 6 years ago

    I love the warmth of a summer day. I live in Los Angeles so our summers still leave a nice ocean breeze. Simply beautiful smile

  21. krljcbs profile image58
    krljcbsposted 6 years ago

    I love to cold, because it brings beautiful snow. I enjoy summer, and warm climates, but I think I will always live in a cold climate.