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Does a kidney infection affect my ability to get pregnant? How can I concieve be

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    soldierspouse19posted 7 years ago

    Does a kidney infection affect my ability to get pregnant? How can I concieve before August?

    im 20 years old and my fiance' and i have been trying to get pregnant since last june. He is a sargent in the United States army.He is being deployed in August. He's 25 and is afraid we might not have children.. It just doesn't seem to be working. I had a kidney infection last august. Does that affect my ability to carry? How can we be pregnant before his deployment?

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    Xgearposted 7 years ago

    Hello there smile

    Kidney infections, depending on the severity can have an impact on the menstruation which would have a direct relation with difficulties when trying to get pregnant. However this depends on how severe it was and how healthy your kidney is nowdays.

    If you're affected by a cronical kidney disease, you'd most likely have irregular periods, hormonal disorders which would have a relation with your ovulation and the best time to try to get pregnant.

    However if your kidney is pretty much ok and you didnt suffer major complications with your infection it should not really affect your menstruation.

    If you do have an irregular menstruation, stress issues (A bit due to the desperation of having difficulties) or hormonal disorders it may bring complications when you decide to try to get pregnant.

    I'd highly suggest you and your fiance visit a doctor and try to get a picture of the current situation if you're interested in getting pregnant before August, as it might take a time under good circumstances, it might help you out on your objective, specially since there is a wide variety of issues that could raise difficulties when attempting to concieve as I mentioned before.

    Greetings smile

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    g4408380posted 6 months ago

    Hi dear. I am glad that you asked the question. Infection changes pH of secretions and causes local inflammatory changes making the environment hostile for sperms. If you wish to get pregnant monitor cervix position, cervical mucus changes and the BBT (basal body temperature) charting to predict your ovulation and time your intercourse for having fruitful results. Have intercourse in positions that allow for deeper penetration for high deposit of semen. Have diet with foods rich in zinc content to ensure better maturation of egg and sperms. On an average, women are known to get pregnant within 3-4 months of trying (if there are no other factors affecting fertility), hence, if you are not successful in your pregnancy plans within 6 months to 1 year of trying please visit a good gynecologist. My husband took me to Ukraine to consult with a good gynecologist and it helped me in magical ways and now I am blessed with a healthy baby boy. I hope the information I gave will be helpful to all. Be safe and stay blessed.

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    tashamoore23posted 5 weeks ago

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