How to research and fight cancer using web?

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    urbaposted 7 years ago

    How to research and fight cancer using web?

    Is it possible to create the group of researchers? Are there any courageos and educated people having different education? Would You like to join my theoretical research of cancer mechanisms and natural treatment? How to describe lots of very informative but chaotic facts and build  more logical theory?

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    The Lord Hath Created a Cure ... for Every ailment He hath Created ... Cancer, is not an Exception.

    The First step to Curing, is Correct Diagnosis ... Meaning, Understanding, the True Nature, and Content, of an Affliction.

    Cancer, is the Induced occurence of an Abnormality in the Natural Gene's Form, existing in state of the Normal Cell's Structure.

    thus, Cancers occur, when the Proteins, constituting any of the Elemental Organic Structures ...meaning, a Gene ... are externally Damaged, thus, Inducing the damaged component, into the normal Gene' Structure.

    Now the Deoxy, and Ribo Nucleic Acids, composing the Genes, Chromosomes, and Tissue, are Elementally, Distinct Paired Structures, hence Forms.

    Normally, these Structures Bond, withtheir Like Forms ... thus, Compose the Normal Cellular Form... In ... two Elementary Acids, composing a Two Amino Acids based Moiety, and Two Moieties composing the formal Singularity ...

    The Abnormal Cancerous, or the Viral Form, is one where, one of the Moitial Acids hath been Damaged. Thus, the Cure is in  "Containg" the damage and "Rehabilaiting" the damaged Acid's Structure.

    Science ... presently does not have the Technology to correct this organic abberation ... therefore, it "cures" with either Chemicals, Hormones, or Radiations... These methods destroy more than they Cure !

    Under these circumstances, there are Two things, that we can do to Effect a Cure ... these are :

    1. Pray to the Lord Creator for Mercy.

    2. Consume a tea-spoon, as many times in the day or night, as one feels the need of ... as many, as twenty times a day ... of a Potion, composed of Yogurt, Honey and Natural Vinegar, mixed in equal Propotions. These must be mixed Freshly, when taken.

    But Understand the Truth ... That
    Death, is the only certainty in Life ... all those born, must die.
    So if Death hath been Ordained ... die a Believer.

    Never forget that Sickness, sheds your sins, like trees shed their leaves in autmn.