Is cancer a hereditary diseases or not?

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  1. profile image0
    gulnazahmadposted 10 years ago

    Is cancer a hereditary diseases or not?

    My mother was a patient of intestinal carcinoma, after reading your hub on intestinal obstruction i thought that you can tell me how much chances anybody could have of developing cancer if one of his/her close relatives suffered from it previously.

  2. Dr irum profile image59
    Dr irumposted 10 years ago

    yes its hereditary problem ,it can run from one generation to next . but we can reduce it or depress its chances to occur ,by change our life style or taking some precautionary measures. Thanks to question.

  3. 2uesday profile image76
    2uesdayposted 10 years ago

    Please seek advice from your own doctor.

    In the mean time this is what I know but I am not qualified in anyway to offer medical advice . 

    As far as I am aware and I have asked consultants and doctors this question - it depends,  only some types are but others are not.

    You really need to seek the advice of your a doctor and not take advice on such important matters from the Internet. Please go to your own doctor or speak to the doctor who your mother visited.

    I have been told it is more likely to be the inherited type if the person in the family who had the cancer suffered from it early on in life. Try to be reassured that lots of things can affect apart from people's health including diet.

  4. cathylynn99 profile image76
    cathylynn99posted 9 years ago

    colon cancer does have a familial tendency. talk to your doc about colonoscopy, which can find colon cancer early, when it's curable.

  5. Tirzah Laughs profile image76
    Tirzah Laughsposted 9 years ago

    It depends on the cancer.   Some are caused by environmental factors, some by genes.

    And sometimes even having the gene for a cancer doesn't mean you'll develop the disease.

    Genetic cancer usually requires a trigger of some sort to set it off. 

    I lost my brother and nephew to cancer, several aunts and uncles.  All different types of brain, spinal or bone cancer.

    Yet large parts of my family are unaffected.

    If you have a family history, you get checked each year by a person with a BACKGROUND in your cancer, not a general practitioner.

    And you go on with your life.

    Some cancers, like breast cancer, seem to have more of a genetic link.

    Others don't.

    Talk to your doctor and research that specific cancer that your mother had.

  6. Dr Ken Romeo profile image60
    Dr Ken Romeoposted 9 years ago

    Cancer is such a common disease that it is no surprise that many families have at least a few members who have had cancer. Sometimes, certain types of cancer seem to run in some families. This can be caused by a number of factors. Often, family members have certain risk factors in common, such as smoking, which can cause many types of cancer. But in some cases the cancer is caused by an abnormal gene that is being passed along from generation to generation. Although this is often referred to as inherited cancer, what is inherited is the abnormal gene that can lead to cancer, not the cancer itself. Only about 5% to 10% of all cancers are inherited.

  7. profile image55
    drshahiposted 9 years ago

    Its true with colonic carcinoma.Familial Adenomatous polyposis of the colon- Lockhart-Mummery and Cuthbert Dukes studied 1069 members of 58 families; of these members 218 had polyposis, and 154 of them developed colonic carcinoma.Though there are some predisposing factors for carcinoma.


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