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my partner suffers badly from dyspepsia reflux can you help with a diet plan. t

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    pedro70posted 7 years ago

    my partner suffers badly from dyspepsia reflux  can you help with a diet plan. thanks

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    MrsMoeposted 7 years ago

    I had a raging case of reflux disease and was on several medications to control it.   I HATE taking medications, so did everything in my power to reverse the reflux disease.   Here's what worked for me:
    Exercise daily - I run/powerwalk 3 miles EVERY day.
    Eliminate foods that make the reflux worse.   I had some surprises here.   Hot dogs, pasta, coffee, take out foods (Yup, ALL of them).   Find your triggers, eliminate them.
    Reduce stress in your life:  I was able to quit my job, most people can't, but you CAN start doing things like yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises.
    Drink water throughout the day.   Make water your main source of fluid.
    Don't eat anything several hours before you go to bed.   Sip water.
    In bed, raise the level of your head, try sleeping on your back or your LEFT side.   Sleeping on your right side gives your digestive system the ability to drip acid continuously.
    Hope these suggestions help!   It's something you can do all of right away to see dramatic results.

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    Many people resort to medications to control acid reflux disease because they refuse to change their diets. But change in diet is the key. Your body is telling you that it's changing -- usually due to aging. And your stomach is saying it's being overwhelmed with foods it can no longer handle. So the answer is simple: Listen to your body and change your lifestyle accordingly. But habits die hard and most people would rather die than to give up what they're used to. Start by ingesting foods that are easily digestible. Eat smaller portions. Eat only when you're hungry. Keep a log of what you eat and any adverse reactions. Chances are you don't need expensive medications. You just need to adapt to the new you.

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    annewhitefieldposted 7 years ago

    you should consider eating healthy fruits and vegetables ALWAYS.