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Would you be willing to help and support a son or daughter who suffers from addi

  1. Marisa Negri profile image61
    Marisa Negriposted 14 months ago

    Would you be willing to help and support a son or daughter who suffers from addiction

    Would you be willing to help and support a son or daughter who suffers from addiction, even as a result of that issue your home is in turmoil, or instead you will ask them to leave the house until they can get better on their own?

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    peter565posted 14 months ago

    I will exercise some tough love, if u want me to help u, go to rehab, otherwise, you can live on the streets. It is definitly tough for a parent to see their child living on the streets, but, as I said, tough love is required, unconditional support is just enabling them to continue self destruction.

  3. Jane Belle profile image60
    Jane Belleposted 14 months ago

    Hi, we had similar problem at home.

    My sister was addicted to hemp. It was hard time back then as when my mom found out she was only 16 years old. My sister was not visiting school, not coming home sometime for day or two...What my mom did was something I will ever remember. She asked her to talk, but in front of the rest of the family (me and my dad). She first explained that we all care about her a lot and that we love her. She explained that whatever problems she has, the hemp is not the answer and it is only a temporarily getaway of the problem. Then she asked her to be honest with us and no matter how hard she feels, to tell us the problem and let us help her.
    Mom's voice in that talk was very calm and supportive.

    So my advice is to talk to your kid and try be his/hers friend instead of being the person who will kick their ass out and leave them alone in a hard time. The main point of the family is being supportive and loving, and as my mom says - everyone holding together can resolve any problem smile

    This was 6 years ago and my sister is now a mother and has a little boy. She is not using hemp anymore and after what happened then our family become even closer.


  4. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    I would give them help to get treatment. I would not give money or items that could be sold to pay for drugs.
    If you can't help them because of the chaos in your own home, there are Christian charities starting with the Salvation Army that can take the person in and require drug treatment as a condition of aid.