i am a diabetic and have to be choosy about footwear. what type of skechers are

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    joseph210169posted 7 years ago

    i am a diabetic and have to be choosy about footwear.  what type of skechers are good for me?

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    pueblomanposted 7 years ago

    I don't know what skechers are. Are they American?

    I have been type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) for 30 years

    On principal, your shoes mustn't restrict the blood flow to the feet, so slip ons are best. A good padded sole that offers protection for the sole of the foot is essential. The foot must slip comfortably into the shoe with no pinching, especially round the toes.

    The foot is best covered. No flip flops or sandels. I like slip on heavy duty Maroccan shoes with soft leather top and heavy duty stitched sole

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    doc.helpposted 7 years ago

    buy shoes which are-
    covered, no peeptoes etc

    should have a soft sole, which should not be a problem with most sketchers.

    it is often said that shoes should be bought in the evening, as feet tend to swell towards the end of the day..

    hope this helps.