Am having pain in eyes after my stroke in march.When I use the laptop more than

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    Sunny Harjaniposted 7 years ago

    Am having pain in eyes after my stroke in march.When I use the laptop more than 1-2 hours . What...

    do u suggest please. Sunny Harjani

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    121posted 7 years ago

    Hi my name is craig from one2one

    my advice to you is try buying a computer screen flitern which reduces the rise and prevents refeltive surfaces,

    when you change from page to page link to link your eyes has just adjust to this. this can be harmfull to you be course of the stroke,

    there is safer ways to use your computer laptop,

    i ahve added a link for you. … computers/

    i have also added this information for you 

    1. Eye problem
    It’s the first what occur to us, when we talk about computer harm (right?). Prolonged computer use could be linked to glaucoma, especially among those who are short-sighted. Our eyes are very badly affected by how long you stare at that bright screen. We stop blinking and start staring which makes our eyes strain and dry out. Make sure you look away from the screen and close them for a few seconds every few minutes.

    We can find many information about eyes health, as Snuz made. And it’s very important not to forget about our eyes while working on computer.

    2. Bad Posture
    Bad posture is enemy number one. Check your posture now! You should be able to reach the keyboard and mouse whilst bending your elbows at 90 degrees, with your shoulders relaxed. If you are stretching, this could cause problems. Your back should be straight and the top of the monitor should be just below eye level. If your monitor is to the left or right of your keyboard you are putting strain on your neck.

    Long periods of time at the computer while blogging, working or reading often leads to pain in the lumbar region of the back. Neck and shoulder problems also result from poor seating and the poor organization of equipment on the desk (stretching for the telephone

    if you like us to help you more please contact us at its free to use , Quote : sunny and we klnow who you are if you use our live chat. with one of our advisors.thanx take care.