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Hello, I have tooth sensitivity only to sounds for more than 2 months.

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    spice_joeposted 7 years ago

    I have tooth sensitivity only to sounds for more than 2 months.

    I visited dentists but they can't find anything since I don't have cavity or any other problems. I have sensitiveness in all my teeth at all times. Eventually I get headache. I am facing this to sounds by vessels and plates and some glass. I tried sensodine but i get more sensitiveness it din't resolve the problem. And cold or hot is not creating any sensitiveness.
    Please anyone can tell me what it could be actually? anything serious? is there any chance of nerves problem... Please help me

    Thank you

  2. cosmetic dentists profile image61
    cosmetic dentistsposted 7 years ago

    If you have any issues with grinding your teeth then this could be linked. Also, if your enamel has gone then this is likely the cause of the sensitivity. I think it would be best for you to visit your dentist again to see of they notice anything different, or get a second opinion.

    Hope that helps.

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    spice_joeposted 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your reply.
    I have checked all the things which you have mentioned with the Dentists. He said that enamel is fine and I don't grind the teeth. But now a days if i bite hard I feel more sensitiveness and it will be there for whole day. He suggested to remove my wisdom teeth saying that, that may be the reason because it is growing cross. But until I go to dentist for this sensitivity issue I don't have any problem with the wisdom teeth I din't even that.

    I would like to mention one thing here, I have moved from NewYork to Virginia and from then I am experiencing this problem. I never had any problem or never visited dentists for anything.
    I can't get ride of it, and it is spoiling my whole day. Even some vibrations are creating sensitiveness. I have shared all the things which I mentioned above with him, But he said your teeth looks perfect and I can't find any problem. And finally suggested to remove the wisdom teeth, which I don't want to do. Because it is not creating any problem.
    I can bare the sensitiveness at lease, but due to that I get headache and I feel like my whole head has the pain and some places in my forehead.

    As you said if it is because of enamel could you please suggest me some tips to get enamel? 

    Thanks a lot

  4. Tom D Nolan profile image62
    Tom D Nolanposted 7 years ago

    Usually when head movements or vibrations make your teeth hurt, it's because you have sinus problems.

    The sinuses are hollows in the cheek bones that give your voice its resonant quality. The sinuses produce small amounts of fluid to keep them flushed out. This fluid drains into your nose and joins the normal mucus production so that you're not even aware of it - until it CAN'T drain. Then you get pain.

    There are many reason why your sinuses might not be able to drain and I won't go into that here. Your teeth hurt because the nerves to some of the upper ones run in the floor of the sinus and if trapped fluid is sloshing around against then, it stimulates the nerves and causes pain.

    A sure way to check if this is what's causing your proablem is to walk heavily down some steps. Does that hurt? Nod your head forward. Does that cause the pain? If so, you have sinus congestion.

    Try nasal decongestants - there's a range available from any pharmacy.

    If that doesn't improve things, ask your dentist to refer you to a specialist to clear the blockage.

    Hope this helps.

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    Alijhon1posted 2 years ago

    Hello Joe i have same issue as you it started only 2 month ago.
    I had frobt crown  done 2 year before and my teeth irritate with certain sound, like rubbing paper or card board, it gives me lile electric shock in back