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I have started excessive all over body sweating dripping to the point my hair is

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    debmacnatposted 7 years ago

    I have started excessive all over body sweating dripping to the point my hair is so wet looks...

    like i have just washed it, i never use to sweat even when i excercised, also i bruise not aware of how i got them and my nails as soft rubber like please help.

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    happy2010posted 7 years ago

    your body is weak you need to rest, get sleep not less then 8 hours and your body is missing nutrision you need vitamins, eat healthy make sure you eat greens, but the best thing that always has helped me and i recomend to everyone out there is drink couple od cups of natural juice that you make at home using the juiser, you will feel better, and see a big change

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    pippapposted 7 years ago

    Besides, bettering my diet, I would also see a doctor.  These symptoms could be signs that there is something wrong with you organically.  You may need to take medications or something similar for a period of time to get your body back on track. 

    Make that appointment and be good to yourself.

  4. Tatjana-Mihaela profile image60
    Tatjana-Mihaelaposted 7 years ago

    You might have endocrine problems - sweating and nails clearly point to thyroid problem...Thyroid gland (and parathyroid glands that are inside thyroid) regulate level of calcium, if there is no calcium, nails become soft, not to mention sweating, nervoussness, maybe irregular heart beating.

    Check your ALL hormonal levels: thyroid, parathyroid, sex hormones, adrenal, pituitary gland hormones...
    After that you will know what is wrong.
    There are many natural ways that can heal the imbalance.

    I wish you a lot of luck.