I must do more walking to exercise my heart, but just can't get motivated. Any t

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  1. vocalcoach profile image95
    vocalcoachposted 8 years ago

    I must do more walking to exercise my heart, but just can't get motivated. Any tips for me? Thanks

    I am a vegan and organic.  My life would be in perfect balance if I walked daily. I walk my dog everyday, but with so much "sniffing" and stopping, I do not get my heart rate up. How do I go from feeling too tired to go for a brisk walk to an action plan?

  2. skgrao profile image70
    skgraoposted 8 years ago

    Let go your dog and walk,your health is more important than your dog.Walk in a park see the old people walk.

  3. DStettler profile image59
    DStettlerposted 8 years ago

    agreed go without your dog, or wlk the dog in the street where there is nothing to sniff

  4. Miranda Fox profile image59
    Miranda Foxposted 8 years ago

    Get an iPod or any Mp3 music device, fill it up with music that motivates you and get's you going.  Clear your mind, don't think about it too much, grab that leash and go.

  5. dosters profile image84
    dostersposted 8 years ago

    Check out this hub about the music that motivates people to exercise:

  6. profile image0
    Richard Stephenposted 8 years ago

    Find yourself a walking partner, if you can.  I used to hate jogging alone but once I had a partner or two I actually looked forward to it.  The same would apply to walking I think.  Having someone else with you helps take your mind of the exercise and certainly made it more enjoyable for me.

    Also, you and your partners can provide mutual support and encouragement for each other especially on those days when you really don't want to get out and exercise.  Go for it!

  7. wingedcentaur profile image84
    wingedcentaurposted 8 years ago

    Good Day vocalcoach

    You may have more opportunities for walking than you know. Do you tend to drive to the store, which is just down the block and around the corner for a quart or milk or something? Walk instead! The ozone layer will thank you for it.

    When you have business of some kind in an office building, are you taking the elevator for only one or two floors up? Take the stairs.

    When you drive to the mall (and say its the middle of the day, so there so be plenty of parking open at that time) do you strain to park as close to the door as possible? Park as far away as possible and take that opportunity to walk!

    If you can get some light ankle and wrist weights (and possibly even a weighted belt?) that you might wear throughout the day. I would imagine this would be good for muscle toning, which is very important, especially for women!! My understanding is that weight training is crucial for women because it all has to do with the thickening and hardening of the bones.... the whole calcium thing.... crucial.

    The muscle toning will enable your cardiovascular training, I think. What I'm saying is, if you start by carving out little opportunities to walk here and there, you might eventually find you walking to driving ratio going up without your even thinking about it.

    Good Luck!

  8. profile image0
    jasper420posted 8 years ago

    if not for yourself do it for dog get the ipod leash your dog and go somewere fun always have a destination like a park river or shopping erea or coffe shop go early in the moring or later durring the day train your dog not to stop and sniff MAKE IT A ROUTINE PART OF YOUR DAY walking will help you mentaly as well it helps with anxiety depreshion and stress think of it as your daily time to decompress

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