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Should cannabis be legalised?

  1. SIJO1 profile image70
    SIJO1posted 7 years ago

    Should cannabis be legalised?

  2. profile image46
    Tom69posted 7 years ago

    Yes, they should legalise it so people wont have to steal to buy it.

  3. Tom_Radford profile image61
    Tom_Radfordposted 7 years ago

    Probably. I think the reasons that it isn't legal are less to do with caring for the health of the voters and more to do with making sure their minds don't wander too much and remember to vote. Also, if these substances were legal then certain countries would suddenly become richer, in the UK for example we couldn't produce it in any great quantity but third world nations would thrive, perhaps the big players don't want to see that happen. However, to say that cannabis is worse than alcohol is silly, they're both bad and they're both good, people are bad and some are more suceptible than others...the law can't change that.

  4. Merlin Fraser profile image77
    Merlin Fraserposted 7 years ago

    Why stop there ?

    Why not legalise all drugs ?  For example making them illegal hasn't prevented drug abuse or all the crimes associated with it including, growing, shipping, smuggling, distribution,selling and using.

    If people want to use them they will find a way.  Why not legalise them all and have normal suppliers, with clean efficient places for them to go get their fix with clean needles that are properly disposed of later.

    Just think how much safer the streets would be and how many criminals we could put out of business.

    Why not go the whole hog and make it both legal and free that way those who want can have as much as they want and you could rid the world of an entire chunk of useless humanity to boot.

    Or is that too radical for you ?

  5. SIJO1 profile image70
    SIJO1posted 7 years ago

    Interesting view. I wouldnt go as far a with legalising harder drugs.But Cannabis is no more harm too you than alcohol.Alcohol creates much anti social and can turn people violent. Cannabis on the other hand  has a totally different effect.But i believe the real answer is that the countries who could produce the most of it and make considerable money are not the most desirable countries that the rest of the world would like to see become wealthy.

  6. justom profile image69
    justomposted 7 years ago

    The medical profession takes good care of making sure all of us are on some kind of poison they call drugs but even they cast no judgment on cannabis users. Legalize it!

  7. annewhitefield profile image60
    annewhitefieldposted 7 years ago

    yes i think so. i believe it also has its positive side

  8. profile image0
    jasper420posted 7 years ago

    I think so read my hub on medical marijuana

  9. vietnamvet68 profile image59
    vietnamvet68posted 7 years ago

    I say NO it should not be legalised but it should be de-criminalized.

  10. TimMEy profile image82
    TimMEyposted 6 years ago

    Well I could write books about that topic but I definitely would like to legalize it.

    The main reason for that is that I think the criminals behind the weed who grow and sell it, do more harm than the actual smoking part. I would be happy to buy it in a store and even pay Taxes on it, as long as I know that the quality is good.

    Moreover I lived in Holland and let´s say it that way: It works.