If a doctor told you that you are diagnosed with final stage cancer and you only

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  1. Ingenira profile image84
    Ingeniraposted 8 years ago

    If a doctor told you that you are diagnosed with final stage cancer and you only have 2 months...

    to live, how would you spend the rest of the days ?

  2. Jillian Barclay profile image79
    Jillian Barclayposted 8 years ago

    Doctor told me that 10 years ago(March 22, 2000) in the emergency room. Actually said I had a week left and would not be leaving the hospital. Told her to load me up with morphine and that I was going home to spend the night with my kids. Told her I would come back the next day. Spent the night in agony, but with my kids, talking, laughing, crying. Told them what was expected of them if I wasn't here; that they were to be strong and told them how much I loved them and that the two older ones had to promise to take care of my youngest. My oldest was 26 (this happened on her birthday), my son was 21 and my youngest daughter was only 19. Went back the next day--a few days later I was wheeled into surgery. Two 10 pound tumors were removed. Had a hard recovery, but as you can see, I recovered. Wouldn't change anything-would still spend my final days with my kids...

  3. keepitnatural profile image69
    keepitnaturalposted 8 years ago

    I would be so determined to prove them wrong! I would spend my time building an alternative treatment plan to get better.
    I did it for my dad, so I would consider this nothing more than the doctors opinion & that how long I had left was now up to me!

  4. PMS9 profile image73
    PMS9posted 8 years ago

    I will do whatever my favorite thing that I love.
    Also, I'll meet my all friends and relatives.

    One more thing I want to do, I'll kill all my enemies before I close my eyes smile~~~(Just kidding)

  5. cathylynn99 profile image76
    cathylynn99posted 8 years ago

    would quit my job and spend lots of time with my husband. would eat a lot of chocolate and ham - it couldn't hurt me anymore.

  6. katkin profile image60
    katkinposted 8 years ago

    Would spend every available second with my husband, kids and grandchildren. I would want to make sure that we all had fun so that the kids had good memories to share.

  7. miss_jkim profile image78
    miss_jkimposted 8 years ago

    I would tell my family and friends how much I loved them and what they mean to me. I would contact the people in life, if I could, who have hurt me and tell them I forgive them. I would make sure that when the time for me to leave this life, I could leave it in peace with others, and hope that any mark I left on the world would bless someone along the way.

    But most of all I would fight against cancer with every fiber of my being.

  8. carrie450 profile image60
    carrie450posted 8 years ago

    I would spend as much quality time with my family as possible and say 'I love you' more often.

  9. Tirzah Laughs profile image79
    Tirzah Laughsposted 8 years ago

    If I felt well enough, I'd close out my 401k, find homes for my dogs and I'd blow the money making people happy.

    But it wouldn't work that way.

    By that point your usually too sick and if you aren't too sick, relatives will drive you a bit mad.  Either they drag you treatment to treatment or cry over you.

    If you don't have kids, it's best to keep it to yourself so you can spend your time the way you want to spend it.


  10. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 8 years ago

    As I do now, except I would write long detailed letters to my husband, children and grandchildren about how much they mean to me, and about different things in life they might experience--such as grief.  I would encourage them to stay in the faith and love each other.

  11. Dr. Haddox profile image65
    Dr. Haddoxposted 7 years ago

    If a doctor tells you that you are diagnosed with cancer and have 2 months to live, the way I see it, you have two choices to make. You can resign yourselve to the decision and advise that this doctor gives you. Or two, you can seek out another doctor, or medical center, to get a second opinion. It depends on what "you" want to do. You must determine if you want to "fight" for your life, or let Nature take its course.


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