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Jillian Barclay profile image

Jillian Barclay

Joined 7 years ago from California, USA




(Jillian Barclay died on June 12, 2017 from breast cancer)

My work experience has mostly been in the financial end of healthcare, either tracking fraud and abuse for one of the largest insurance companies in the country or maximizing money for doctors and hospitals. I also spent a fair amount of time acting as a utilization review coordinator for a now defunct Medicare Advantage program (losing that job because I saw fraudulent treatment denials for senior citizens and reported it to the FBI). I also successfully sued that corporation because of their practices. I have worked as a Patient Advocate, helping people who don't know how to handle denied claims or treatments.

If you need help with your health care issues, contact me through HubPages. I offer letter writing, phone calls to your insurance company, etc. I can help you get your claims paid!

I am a mother, grandmother, and interested in so many things! I have worked since I was 15, spending nearly 30 years in the healthcare field, on both sides: the insurance company side and the provider side.

I have both loved and hated the medical field- loved it when I could catch someone committing fraud and hated it when patients couldn't get what they had expected from their insurance companies. Ethics have always played a major role for me and when you are in this field, fair play comes into the picture most of the time.

I also love to cook! From lasagna for my children and grandchildren to the big Thanksgiving dinners that take 3 days to make, cooking makes me happy. If I am ever depressed, you will see me in the kitchen making spaghetti sauce or chicken soup. For some reason, the smells of my childhood always comfort me and let me know that there are some things I can control.

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