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I suspect one of my church members is bipolar. He has out of control anger like

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    paulthepastorposted 7 years ago

    I suspect one of my church members is bipolar.
    He has out of control anger like I've never seen...

    before.  His anger is usually aimed at his wife, sometimes his daughter (who also has the same issue)  and a few others  His wife says he goes for weeks without speaking to her nor their daughter.   My Question is:  Is it possible for a whole family to have bipolar.. I've learned that his father  and brothers and sisters and all of their  children are alike.  3 generations!!  This seems like more than a learned behavior.

    Pastor Paul      acbr@verizon.net

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    Zenofsongposted 7 years ago

    Sorry, no such thing as Bipolar. Just people who don't know how to work their brains. It makes sense that people who live together will operate their minds in the same crappy way.

    They say bipolar disorder is imbalanced brain chemistry. But your brain chemistry changes everytime you think something different. So the imbalance is just from imbalanced thinking.

    I recommend Deep Breathing Exercises. Humans have deep inner peace circuitry in their brains, most people are not used to running this circuitry so deep breathing is a good way of becoming in conscious control of that.

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    crazybeanriderposted 7 years ago

    Just because Zenofsong says there is no such thing as Bipolar doesn't mean it's true. But he obviously has some deeper knowledge that no one else has. It is kind of obnoxious to clump his experiences with meditation to making assumptions about other people's mental illness. Which by the way are real. Whether he  BELIEVES that or not. That is his opinion only.

    As far as your question goes, yes it is possible for bipolar to be inherited through generations.  But I am not personally familiar with a whole family being diagnosed. I have seen behavior problems in families that mimic a mental illness or other mood or emotional disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder. Of course it is very easy to blame bad behavior on mental illness, and I am quite sure it happens often.

    I can say I am bipolar with a 100 percent accuracy. I have lived it. I have tried MANY things NOT to be bipolar.Including meditation, hypnosis, dialectical behavioral therapy and so on. Sadly I am still bipolar. I am not a spoiled child that can't have her way. I have a real illness that requires medication and therapy to maintain a balance in my life.

    A research study done in Sweden suggested that bipolar AND schizophrenia were genetically linked.



    http://bipolarworld.net/Bipolar%20Disor … redity.htm

    There are studies done everyday showing that mental illness is inherited. And that it is real.  There is no proof to prove otherwise. And to tell people suffering that there is no such thing is just plain bullying.

    Of course it is very possible he has bipolar. Because there is that competent of rage and anger issues. And withdrawing is also a  sign, but there are of course many more symptoms and a visit to a psychiatrist before a proper diagnosis can be made.

    I struggled for over two years before accepting mine. I went to several doctors, I had a battery of tests, EEG, brain scans and a lot of therapy, several hospitalizations,  before I began to realize I had to start a program toward getting well.

    Perhaps you, and the wife of this man can have a conversation with this man about seeing someone, such as a therapist, who can recommend a psychiatrist. I hope this helped you a bit. Feel free to write anytime.

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    nishlaverzposted 6 years ago

    Bipolar is real and I should know as I'm a sufferer. My mom and me both have the same temperament and both have blow-outs usually at each other. I started with depression before I hit puberty and it got worse over the years with little outside help. I would say that there is something in the family environment that is contributing to the problem and that it can be learnt behaviour if a parent is seen by a young child acting angry that child my think it normal and become that way themselves. There is however more to it than that as if it was learnt behaviour as they move into adulthood it should become easy to retrain the brain for the right behaviour. It is not that easy for Bipolar sufferers. The one thing I can say for Zenofsong is that meditation does help to calm the mind and can help sufferers get out of a manic episode. My advice for you is do what you do best and pray for him as it may be hard to get him to talk to you as we don't like to talk about our problems. In fact a lot of sufferers don't know they have a problem.