I have infected hairs on my vagina what can i do to treat it ?

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    Twink17posted 7 years ago

    I have infected hairs on my vagina what can i do to treat it ?

    The area is very sensitive and it has a hard core like a pimple

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    LiveLaughLove7posted 7 years ago

    you probably just have an ingrown hair. i get those sometimes usually from razor burn or just sensitive skin. if it is an ingrown hair, squeeze it until you can get everything out, if a hair doesn't come out, but you can see a gray or black line under your skin, there's a hair. sterilize a needle and poke straight down into the core of it, then almost like lay the needle on its side to get it under the hair, and pull up. make sure you clean it really good after! this can happen a lot on sensitive skin and not enough exfoliating. you can can a body scrub for a pretty decent price that will last for a while and use it when you shower. don't let it get inside your vagina and rinse it off good cause you can get an infection if you don't.

    if there isn't a hair and stuff comes out, make sure you keeo it really clean, if it scabs don't pick it and if in a few days it hasn't gone away, let your doctor know.

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