Does anyone have any suggestions for how to improve bone spurs or plantar fascia

  1. Jaynie2000 profile image90
    Jaynie2000posted 8 years ago

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to improve bone spurs or plantar fasciatis?

    I have a horrible case of what is likely plantar fasciatis in my right inner heel and it won't heal because I play soccer about 4 nights a week and also am a runner. I do ice it, but it never really completely heals. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  2. lcg4jc profile image75
    lcg4jcposted 8 years ago

    i suffered from bi lateral plantar fasciatis for many years. At first the doctor sent me anti inflammatory pills and some therapy. That didn't work, then I was given shots and they seemed to work for about three days. It felt like I was walking on clouds. After the shot wore off I was back to point one. Podiatrist ended up having surgery on both my feet. The Plantar Fasciatis surgery was not painful but because it was both my feet it was extremely hard to get around, needed a wheelchair for about two months. I saw a very slow procedure in healing. I needed to ice my feet every time I had walked on them for ten minutes. The ice and ice water were the only thing that truly alleviated the pain and keeping my felt elevated for a long time as well. It took at least eight years for my feet to come back to some normal activity. Of course, no more cute heels. Simply ortho shoes and some comfort shoes in these last two years that have served their purpose when I have had to dress up. If all else fails, you can go to a pain maintenance doctor. There is where I learned that the reason tI wasn't healing quickly enough is because I also had Reflective Sympathetic Distrophy that had been aggrevated by the surgery, I had to receive back blocks and several other procedures to try and relieve the overwhelming pain. Eventually the specialist wanted to have a surgery that would burn the nerve endings in my body with some kind of acid. I asked what was the percentage, he said 50/50, then I asked what are the risks ... too many serious risks to even consider having the surgery.
    So the best advice I can give you, do not use any shoes other than comfort or orthopedic shoes for a long time. Ice your feet, that will help with the swelling, try and get a prescription drug from your doctor called Neurontin, this will deaden the nerve endings and will help you cope with the pain. Other than that, pray, pray, and pray some more.
    God bless you immensely as you start your journey to healing.

  3. Jaynie2000 profile image90
    Jaynie2000posted 8 years ago

    Oh my, that sounds awful! My case is a dull pain that is always there but which gets very bad after a soccer game. I can't explain why it doesn't hurt when I play (Iikely get so intense that I don't think about it) but after the game I am hobbling like an old lady! The pain lasts for at least 24-48 hours but then returns to the dull ache. Then I play again and start the cycle. This week I have games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, which means I'll be limping all week and through the weekend. I just can't seem to give up playing because I love it so much and I need exercise at least every other day to manage my weight and fitness. I hope I never get to have it as severely as you did! Plus, from a vanity standpoint...I love my closet full of Ann Taylor heels! ( -;

    Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you're feeling a lot better now.

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