hello, I was wondering I had what I thought was my last period on Oct 28th, It

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    Mckenzie27posted 7 years ago

    I was wondering I had what I thought was my last period on Oct 28th, It was very light...

    brown, I had all my pms symptoms so I didnt think anything of it besides I was out of the country, My breasts seemed to go back down but a day later they started to hurt, I started getting heartburn, Hungry alot, frequent urination and constant burping... I rarely burp... well as much as I have been doing, If it wasnt for the hubby I would have just ignored it, I took a test on the 7th of November I had two faint positives, I've had cramping in my lower abdomen, as well as in my hips and lower back, I'm more thirsty than usual. The only problem with all of this is when I returned to the states

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    nighthagposted 7 years ago

    With my second child, my first test came up positive, then two days later i started to bleed, so I assumed the test was wrong, but did another one to be sure, and it came up negative.

    My sister in law convinced me to go to the doctors, A blood test proved I was pregnant and an ultra sound proved i hadn't lost the baby,

    If you have symptoms and conflicting or faint test results  make a doctors appointment and ask for a blood test, this is 100% accurate with no room for mistakes smile

    If your cramps are painful, take it easy and consider seeing a doctor sooner then later...

    Good luck, (It sounds pretty positive to me )

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    Mckenzie27posted 7 years ago

    Sorry Not sure how to reply to what you answered so I'm in the answer section... Thank you NightHag. Hopefully I can get insurance soon so I can get this checked out. Hey I saw that you write about Vampires....my fav, kind of book to read!!! Let me know when you finish one.