What drug or an alternative that can remove easily and harmlessly the dental cal

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  1. micadeolu profile image43
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    What drug or an alternative that can remove easily and harmlessly the dental calculus called tartar?

  2. Hammerj profile image59
    Hammerjposted 7 years ago

    Calcium and phosphate bind to form crystals on the teeth. These calcium phosphate crystals eventually harden within plaque, forming calculus. Certain types of chemicals called pyrophosphates help to decrease calculus buildup by stopping the growth of crystals on the tooth surface and preventing new crystals from forming.
    try also this..link


  3. lotuslove19 profile image67
    lotuslove19posted 7 years ago

    A mixture of baking soda ,alum powder and common salt ,mixed together and rubbed on the gums and teeth well helps to removes Tartar without causing any harm .

  4. se7en2t profile image58
    se7en2tposted 7 years ago

    Coral Dental calculus is the other name is dirt in his mouth attached to the teeth in the long term so that over time will harden and petrified that it's hard to brush your teeth cleaned. In terms of appearance tartar indeed eye-catching less so for those who pay attention to appearance should clean it with a fine and true.

    Everyone has different backgrounds in menghasilang tartar in the mouth. There are easily formed and some are long formation depends on environmental conditions in the mouth, the content in saliva (spit), the food we eat, the condition of teeth, types of germs in our mouths, and others.

    To remove calculus or tartar should not be done alone or using an object or chemical drugs that are not clear. To clean the tartar should come to a good dentist who practices in homes, hospitals, clinics, health centers, and so forth. If you do not have much money should come to the clinic or other health centers that can be affordable. Ask your dentist to clean up your tartar with scaling techniques and other means.

    Using the wrong way it will only worsen the situation that was fine. If you are desperate to clean up with stones, knives, metal, sharp objects, etc. then maybe that just eroded tooth enamel coating of our very important or even may cause pockets of infection and germs in the teeth and gums. In order to be safe you should come to the dentist only (no dental) for your teeth can return to usual and remain healthy and strong.

    For calculus did not return to our teeth, we can do some tartar precautions as follows below:
    1. Diligent brushing your teeth after eating and before bedtime for sure teeth / toothpaste to prevent plaque.
    2. Diligently clean drinking water while gargle-gargle.
    3. Diligent cleaning the former residual food / plaque that is on the corner and between teeth with dental floss.
    4. Diligent gargle-gargle with cleaning fluid oral / dental floss that could prevent plaque tartar.
    5. Diligent eat fruits and or vegetables because of the fiber can help remove residual food in our teeth and gums.


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