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Why are more and more dentist recommending dental braces for teens?

  1. ComfortB profile image87
    ComfortBposted 6 years ago

    Why are more and more dentist recommending dental braces for teens?

    It just seems like over half of the entire middle and high school population have some form of dental braces.

  2. skybase21 profile image60
    skybase21posted 6 years ago

    Because they need the money to pay for those expensive cars they like to drive around. smile

  3. kimmicoup profile image58
    kimmicoupposted 6 years ago

    The reason they recommend braces for more and more people is because not only are braces cosmetic, they serve a purpose in improving the function of your teeth and jaws.  Crowded teeth can lead to gum disease and bone loss, bite problems can cause TMJ dysfunction and pain, wear of permanent teeth. Severe overjet can leave lower teeth unopposed causing to them to erupt to a point that they will eventually bite against the palate. Narrow jaws can lead to breathing problems.  etc. etc. Yes, everyone wants a beautiful smile, but there are many other health related reasons for braces smile

  4. Fellow Mumbaite profile image75
    Fellow Mumbaiteposted 6 years ago

    Even I was wondering the same, as I see many kids with braces in school. I tried asking a couple of parents about it and they said the same what Kimmicoup mentioned here. The results are amazing and kids would really thank their parents for the getting them dental braces.

  5. fit2day profile image74
    fit2dayposted 6 years ago

    It's all about the money. I think in some cases they're necessary, but there are plenty of things done by dentists that people don't need. There's also the fact that dentist visits are becoming mandatory for school children more often. The question is, does this really help? In some cases it's all preventative maintenance, but most of the time, it's doing more harm than good. It puts people on the path to going to the dentist their whole lives.
    I think avoiding processed foods as often as possible is the best form of preventative maintenance there is.

  6. cosmetic dentists profile image60
    cosmetic dentistsposted 6 years ago

    Having teeth that aren't straight can actually have implications on the functionality of the mouth in some cases. That's one reason.

    Also, who wants to have crooked teeth when they're older? I know I'm happy I got braces when I was younger. That's two.

    More types of braces available now, which can be discreet and comfortable - so much more appealing to younger and older patients.

    And braces bring in a good amount of money for the dentist. That's a definite three.