CONFUSED what do u think is going on with me,my age is 43

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    PATTY3167posted 7 years ago

    CONFUSED  what do u think is going on with me,my age is 43

    OK where do i begin,i have had bad period pains from day one,i had one abortion and i...have one son age 26 never been on birth control,had some scraping of the cervix done years ago, about a year ago.they told me i had a cyst on my right ovary and that it should go away, well now i am 24 days late on my period did two home pregnancy test booth negative, went to the doctor and had a blood test done that to was negative,i have alot of symptoms of being pregnant,  but i could be starting menopause. my periods have always been regular. i have been having shoulder pain for about a year now neck pa

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    Taureanmomof4posted 7 years ago

    Hello Patty3167

    You may be starting early menopause. There is a blood test that you can ask your run for you, to check your FSH levels (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). You didn't mention any tests that you had done,(except pregnancy tests) so I would also check your thyroid levels since your thyroid also controls your periods. I would also request a testosterone check and a transvaginal ultrasound of the ovaries to recheck that cyst. I am going by medical experiences that I have gone through myself over the years.When I was 30 yrs old, I had developed an ovarian tumor on my left ovary that was producing testosterone at very high levels. I would get my period every three months,developed facial hair,and sounded like a boy going through puberty! Maybe I am over reacting a bit and you could certainly begin with just the thyroid and FSH levels to see if that holds the answer to your late periods. I just figured that I would give you all the ideas that I had for you to use if need be. Good luck,I hope this info helps put an end to your mystery. I will be following your story, so if you have any questions for me, I will respond.