What would be the best diet that is good for fat loss?

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    Marrtineykellyposted 7 years ago

    What would be the best diet that is good for fat loss?

    I am 5'8 and i am 170lbs. I have already lost weight with not eating, but that is too unhealthy for my body. I need something really good that will work for losing weight. The thing i want to lose most is the fat that i have on my body.

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    Nikola.Williamsposted 7 years ago


    Eating nothing is the best but I couldn't do that, so I tweaked some best methods together that I finally reached a magic formula for my own and it worked very well for me. I lost 50lbs in about 3 months. Here is the recipe:

    1. Take one multi-vitamin (a to z) each morning.

    2. Take one Omega-3 (1000mg) each morning or Omega-3 (350mg) 3 times per day.

    3. One glass of grape fruit juice in the morning.

    4. Green tea thought out the day.

    5. Eat Salmon Fish as much as you like one or even two meals per day if you are hungry. vegetables are no problem too.

    6. Use a fat-burning gel each morning on some areas of your body that you have more fat, like you belly. (you have to keep your diet for it to be effective)

    7. You may use one Red-Bull in two days, whenever you feel a weakness.

    8. Exersize (cardio) at least 3 times per weak, each time 20 minutes.

    *9. Take super-slim pomegranate pills. For the first week one pill in the morning and then one pill every other day up to one month. (People have got different results with this pill but personally I am very happy with it. It is better if you test it for your-self to find out)

    10. If you take the pill, you can have your favorite meal, up to two meals per week.

    11. Drink water more than your usual day.

    Don't forget to write me about your experience.
    Best Luck