I have to self-surrender on 14 Jan 11 for 10 months. Don't know where yet, but

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    jonkay85posted 7 years ago

    I have to self-surrender on 14 Jan 11 for 10 months.  Don't know where yet, but I'm in NE...

    Georgia near Commerce.  I am seeing a PO in Gainesville.  My home of record in CT and I understand that I may go to a camp up there.  I didn't know there was a camp in ATL.  Can I suggest to my PO in Gainesville if I can go to ATL instead of New England?  TNX

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    klw1157posted 7 years ago

    You can certainly discuss it with him but the PO isn't really going to have a lot of influence with the BOP based on my experience. He might however be able to help if you have family closer to Atlanta. I also spent time in South Carolina where there are two camps as I understand one in Edgefield where I was and also one in Estill. Either of those would be closer if you do have family inb this area. They do take that into consideration.

    Otherwise know this, you can do this. It isn't any fun for sure but people tend to adjust to their surroundings. The closest thing that I can compare a camp to is a military existence. The biggest problem I had was boredom, I read a lot and exercised often. Use the time to better yourself. Everybody who is physically able works, so you will have that to help pass the time and you will also get paid a little for doing so.

    I know that right now 10 months seems like forever but trust me it isn't. It is a little longer than it takes for a baby to be born. With good behavior you"ll be out in 8.5 trust me you can do it.

    Don't worry about violence. it just doesn't happen in a camp environment. You'll finf people like yourself and will make some friends while you are there but most don't last after the experience it just seems to work out better that way. If I can help further let me know