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are you belive in Deja-Vu concept ?

  1. sushant143 profile image61
    sushant143posted 7 years ago

    are you belive in Deja-Vu concept ?

  2. msorensson profile image71
    msorenssonposted 7 years ago

    Yes. Deja vu can either be a past recall or a future projection. There really is no past or future in the concept that Einstein envisioned it. We could, in theory, view our past and future inside a doughnut where each particle inside is a unit of consciousness. But this is very challenging for a human to perceive.

  3. GdessLacey profile image56
    GdessLaceyposted 7 years ago

    Yes I do. But most of the time for me it is a dream that I had eventually coming true. It's usually very simple things. Watching tv with specific people at specific places and all the other details exactly. That's how it is for me anyway.

  4. RocketCityWriter profile image79
    RocketCityWriterposted 7 years ago

    Yes. I personally believe that deja vu occurs when impulses in your brain move down parts of paths in your neural network that have previously been traveled in that sequence, and may or may not be recalled by you consciously. The entire path is more than likely not replicated, rather some part of the path is being re-traveled and your brain recognizes this, whether you do consciously or not. When you do something over and over again, most likely your brain is sending messages over its network across the same or very similar paths every time, but you are conscious of this and thus you remember it and expect certain things to happen. During deja vu your brain may utilize part of a previously traveled network path and it recognizes this and may send a message to your consciousness indicating that "hey, you're doing something you've done before, expect this". However, if you were not consciously aware of this previous path it is likely you do not fully recall it and hence it 'feels' like something you've seen or done before, but you can't quite recall it.