Herbal Remedies

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    littleianposted 8 years ago

    Salt is one of the most basic and common commodities. Alchemists
    regarded it as one of the three major elements, with sulphur
    and quicksilver (mercury). Three-quarters of the world is saline
    oceans and we each contain our own internal sea. Yet salt is very valuable, hence the saying that people are 'worth their salt: Salt regulates the tides and internal flow of water in and
    around our cells. It can save lives. The body can loose salt
    through chronic diarrhoea, dehydration, shock and loss of blood,
    but long-term deficiencies are unlikely as salt is put into most
    manufactured food-in fact most people take too much salt.
    (Simple Tooth Powder) 1 teaspoon of ground fresh sage 6 teaspoon
    sea salt Grind the sage and salt together in a pestle and mortar
    until thoroughly combined. Pour into a clean 30 ml jar and
    pack down tightly. To use: Put a small amount on to a toothbrush
    and brush in the usual way. Rinse your mouth with plenty of water.

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    Don't waste all your knowledge posting. You posted something of the sort yesterday. Make a hub! smile

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      hehe your right tantrum