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Do you think herbal remedies are better than antibiotics?

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    Five Onlineposted 8 years ago

    Do you think herbal remedies are better than antibiotics?

    As i am a great believer of herbs and natural cure i always think that do people think the way i do? or they still love those antibiotics? Be honest while answering.

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    bex_xebposted 8 years ago

    I am all about herbal remedies. There are so many parts of nature out there that can fix us. And we get sick in the first place because we havent been eating natural things!

  3. Robthom43921717 profile image56
    Robthom43921717posted 8 years ago


    I totally agree with you 2

    Herbal and natural cures are amazing.

    Im glad im not the only one who think this 2

  4. Nail Technician profile image58
    Nail Technicianposted 8 years ago

    I personally don't think its about herbal or non herbal (PS i like herbal)
    but i think it's really about a holistic view of health.  I mean, herbal remedies are usually taking more into account than the symptoms, and they are usually focused on preventative maintenance as well where as most modern medicine is designed just to cover over symptoms.

    and i think bex_xeb is talking about a very similar and important piece of it too!

  5. Natural Medicine profile image59
    Natural Medicineposted 8 years ago

    I like to call herbal remedies 'natural medicine', and the NailTechnician is correct that herbals treat the whole person and the underlying cause of a health problem....rather than antibiotics and many other medicines....which aren't prescribed or used until there is a problem. In other words, modern medicine only treats the symptoms. Herbal medicine treats the cause and the symptoms.

  6. liuwenhua profile image57
    liuwenhuaposted 8 years ago

    My opinion is both have they pro and cons. Sometime certain illness can be cured by 'western' medication but others can be by TCM or herbs. In TCM context, herbs are to get rid of the 'roots' of the illness and western practise is to cure the illness.

  7. tatau profile image63
    tatauposted 8 years ago

    Herbal and natural remedies are great for many things...but antibiotics save lives. Live well and prevent as much as you can, but if you get a severe infections - take the antibiotics!

  8. H P Roychoudhury profile image48
    H P Roychoudhuryposted 8 years ago

    Living with nature is pleasant, good and healthy. But the necessity of life teaches us to invent technology to utilize the natural material for human benefit and utility. Thus the process of life has polluted the nature and even our daily consumable fruits and vegetables. Herbal medicine is good provided it is not polluted and provided it is accepted by the body constituents. It is better to mention that our body constituent is growing with our parental gene as well as with our daily consumable nutrients which might be pure or not pure. It is the reason why does the herbal medicine is good for some body but not for everyone. This is our cycle of life for which our Doctors advise us to take sometimes antibiotics.

  9. soni2006 profile image79
    soni2006posted 8 years ago

    Herbal remedies are definitely better than antibiotics because antibiotics help for a short period of time and carry a risk of short term and long term side effects but herbal remedies don't have side effects and cure the disease from its roots. When you are taking a particular antibiotic for a particular disease, the antibiotic will calm down the signs and symptoms of that disease for a short time and then it will recur again and then you have to increase the strength of the antibiotic which will lead to overdose and more and more side effects whereas it is opposite in herbal remedies because they are natural and our body do not reject them. Our body resists antibiotics which is confirmed by experiencing indigestion, bloating of abdomen, abdominal pain after taking a few doses of antibiotics because while killing infection it also kills the normal bacteria found in our intestine which is essential for digestive purposes.

  10. Cedar Cove Farm profile image59
    Cedar Cove Farmposted 7 years ago

    Absolutely.  There are many natural antibiotics out there, garlic being a wnoderful choice.  I have no problem with pennecillin as it is bread mold, but I have a problem with all the man made antibiotics and doctors doling them out like candy.  It is the over use of them that cause the super bugs, in my opinion.

  11. readabook profile image60
    readabookposted 7 years ago

    I think you should try natural cures first and when you have exhausted your options, then you may need an antiobiotic. I don't have so much of a problem with antiobiotics but they tend to get abused by doctors. I mean make them the last resort not the first option.

  12. hot dorkage profile image70
    hot dorkageposted 7 years ago

    You are comparing apples and oranges.  I am a great believer in herbs too but when I have had repeated bouts of mastitis and UTI's I am very glad that erithromycin and cipro have been invented.  When it comes to disease causing bacteria, remember that we live in a world where bacteria continually evolve resistance to older remedies and even older antibiotics.  Nothing is the same as it was even 20 years ago.  I try to avoid taking antibiotics for every little thing, though.

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    saamaposted 7 years ago

    Antibiotics are quite aggressive and can weaken the immune system. On the long run, their regular use makes the body more susceptible to various other diseases. On the other hand the use of herbs, alternative treatments and proper diet have the possibility to cure the disease from its root cause, thus preventing it from occurring again. Herbal remedies can take longer time to treat a disease, but it is more efficient on the long run and one avoids the various side effect of antibiotics. It's better to try natural remedies before proceeding with antibiotics.

  14. Loren's Gem profile image69
    Loren's Gemposted 7 years ago

    absolutely! no doubt about it - as long as you know very well which particular herb to use for a particular ailment. I'm not saying that antibiotics aren't good to use but I do believe that it would be better to try using herbal remedies for natural healing "first" before switching to antibiotics and other clinical drugs.  Well, that's what I believe should be done, and that's exactly what I do as most of the time herbal remedies work just fine with me especially for curing minor illnesses such as symptoms of common colds, cough, fever and flu.

  15. ravenlord profile image54
    ravenlordposted 7 years ago

    Dear five online , Sir or Maam , I agree with u 100% .
    Antibiotics disrupt the flora of ur intestinal tract by destroying the good bacteria leaving room for the bad bacteria to grow . The best way I found to replace the good bacteria is probiotics found in stores in the form of supplements or in foods like yogurt etc .
    Whistleblowers have finally come forward with disturbing news such as , they have cures for quite a few ailments yet refuse to market them .
    Why do u ask ?  Simple it's for the almighty DOLLAR$$$$, a healthy person is extremely bad for BUSINESS .
    Such a sad state of affairs putting the lives of human beings in jeopardy for the Almighty DOLLAR .....

  16. onlineherbs profile image60
    onlineherbsposted 7 years ago

    Yes.. i agree with you. Herbal medicine provides a proper process of prevention and healing of disease. It is the ancient means and natural form of medicine. The safety and efficiency of herbs and the way they heal and cure the disease is known to all. Well, beyond the natural healing property, herbal medicines are known for removing the impact of disease permanently.

  17. soni2006 profile image79
    soni2006posted 7 years ago

    There are many reasons to justify that herbal
    remedies are always better than antibiotics “wonder drugs”. I agree that
    antibiotics calm down the symptoms of a certain disease immediately and at a much
    faster rate than herbal remedies, but in the... read more

  18. redhera profile image38
    redheraposted 6 years ago

    definitely herbal medicines are better than antibiotics . I prefer using herbal medicines because there is no bad side effects , and many medicinal herbs are fast acting and bring fast relief unlike those antibiotics which causes harmful side effects in our body.