I follow some of the health forums online...one is Amazon(not signed for this on

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    smidgeposted 7 years ago

    I follow some of the health forums online...one is Amazon(not signed for this one)...and I would...

    like to copy/paste a bit of your advice from this article and a url to this site? I have a reaction to maltodextrin that I had to seek medical attention for(I have a pic)...and I would like to find more info about it. I thought at one time I saw where it is banned in some countries?? Just wondered if you have any more about the serious nature of this product?...
    However, it does make sense about the concept that the reactions people get aren't from a toxic effect of the substance but rather the body's inability to use it and is getting rid of it.??  (much like the fat/bipass pills people take


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    Benjimesterposted 7 years ago

    Man, that looks pretty rough.  That's very fortunate that you were able to narrow your reaction down to Maltodextrin in food. Since it's in so many products these days, I would suspect that would make it elusive and difficult to pin down as the cause.

    I went searching for some extra info, but unfortunately I couldn't find out very much.  It doesn't seem like a lot of people out there have reactions to Maltodextrin.  Sorry I can't be more helpful.  It's difficult to say why the body reacts the way it does to certain chemicals.  Food rashes are a common symptom of an allergic reaction.  I would probably guess that you have a mild allergy to Maltodextrin, which is unfortunate because it's in so many different foods.