Bipolar--what do you know and how can we help individuals with bipolar?

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  1. NJ's Ponderings profile image70
    NJ's Ponderingsposted 10 years ago

    Bipolar--what do you know and how can we help individuals with bipolar?

    What do you know about bipolar? Do you have any experience? What suggestions do you have for those with a bipolar disorder and for their parents or guardians? What are the best ways to help bipolar individuals? What kinds of school interventions do you think we should have?

  2. CMCastro profile image74
    CMCastroposted 10 years ago

    BiPolar disorder is very complex and it can effect the most intelligent people. Bipolar is a general term that is to describe someone with severe mood swings, someone who has a lot of energy that can easily manifest other behaviors of obsessive compulsive disorder to depression, or the lack of interest in life. They are described as having thoughts that are racing, and they can not focus on one thing (like an ADHD behavior.) If a child has it, it would be best to find out if the parents have any mental challenges. And the school psychologist should be informed so to implement behavior plans. Nowadays, the school system is equipped to deal with kids with emotional issues such as bipolar, but it is up to the parents to follow through with the implementation of the plan. If a child is properly diagnosed by a physician, medication will be prescribed, so follow up and constant evaluation of the bipolar young person is necessary.  I hope what I have shared with you is encouraging.

  3. malonge profile image44
    malongeposted 10 years ago

    Struggling with bipolar type symptoms yourself or seeing someone else suffer is like torture.  What I know is that is hard for doctors to diagnose.  Many different things can be diagnosed instead or in addition to bipolar.  How does anyone know if it's truly bipolar?   

    I know it's very difficult for the person with the symptoms and for the family members as its a mood type disorder and very hard to understand the person's thinking patterns.

    Starting on medication is very important or a life of a bipolar person can and probably will spin out of control.

    It is not always recognized as a condition in schools.  It often looks more like behavior problems, laziness, frustration issues or emotional problems in children and young people.  Education the teachers on the symptoms of these children should be done in in service workshops and still some will not be able to understand the disease

  4. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 10 years ago

    Q1 - a bunch, since I have a bipolar 1 with blah, blah, blah diagnosis. Q2 - Yes, see Q1. Q3 - Learn, learn, learn, then learn some more Q4 Understand, accept, allow, love , , ,there is a bunch more, just too much for now Q5 - I do not know of what legal ramifications may be involved and it may be a mucky, touchy mess, so with the utmost, informed, professional manner I would presume. remember to have fun, fun, fun

  5. profile image0
    L a d y f a c eposted 10 years ago

    Is it against the rules to post a link to your hub in the questions area? I hope not because I'm about to.. After a long, confusing, awful battle with bipolar, I somehow regained my life. I used to write a lot when things were bad, and in a hub I shared one of the poems I wrote along with some helpful information for people who are going through it, and who are supporting those going through it. If I get into trouble for posting this link I don't care, it's an important subject and there is too much info to post in a simple answer box.

    Hope this helps smile

  6. angie ashbourne profile image61
    angie ashbourneposted 10 years ago

    Estimated 1% of the population is:
                        Manic Depression - Bipolar

             Symtoms:     extreme irritability
                                 racing thoughts
                                 excessive energy
                                 poor judgment
                                 sleep problems
                   loss of interest in work, people,hobbies
                           high or despairing mood
                                creative than usual
                                 suicidal thoughts

    Discussing thoughts and feelings with family, friends and doctor is IMPORTANT.

    Patients are encouraged to learn as much as possible about their illness and its treatment so they may lead more productive, satisfying lives..Lots of information on the computer.

    Lithium: is the most effective way to contol the disorder.

    There is no cure: Take your mediction, see you Doctor and  if you need couseling....go.

    I have been Manic Dpressive for 20 years.
    I know about my illness and medication and I go to couseling when I have had a High ------- - I live a satisfying life.

  7. Rich Inkman profile image61
    Rich Inkmanposted 10 years ago

    With a family member that is bipolar the only thing I can suggest is follow Dr. orders.

    This is a tough one to answer.

  8. Andrea Hildreth profile image59
    Andrea Hildrethposted 10 years ago

    I have found the organization NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to be very helpful.  They are great at working with families and friends of folks dealing with mental illness.

    Here's the link to their national site, but they have many local chapters that can reach out to you personally:

    By asking questions you are already helping yourself and those around you - great job!

  9. schoolgirlforreal profile image79
    schoolgirlforrealposted 10 years ago

    Yes, read my hubs.  Bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain causing mood swings of mania and depression. Mania can be extremely uplifted mood involving bad choices with sex and money, overdoing it.

    I've had it for 18 yrs.

    Take your meds, don't think  you don't need them, go to therapy, be courageous...parents be supportive

    Education, and stopping stigma

  10. lambservant profile image92
    lambservantposted 9 years ago

    Educate yourself. If you don't know about bipolar, you can't help effectively. Go to or and you can learn more.

    Don't judge or act like you know what the person is going through.

    Give them your complete love and support.

    Find them professional help such as psychiatrist, counselor etc.

    Bipolar is a mood disorder, It's like a mental pendulum. It goes from high to low. The lows are very low, and the highs can be mild to severe euphoria, irritablility, risky behaviors (sex, retail therapy, gambling, drug and alcohol abuse). Talk the their doctors and therapists and ask how you can help in tangilbe ways. To feel sorry for them or coddle them. They don't need you to feel sorry for them and take over their life. They need encouragement and the absolute assurance that you are with them in their journey to recovery.


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