Panic attacks when I can'tdrink (water, that is)

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    danielle_mhposted 6 years ago

    Panic attacks when I can'tdrink (water, that is)

    I suffer from panic attacks and carry water with me wherever I go.  So now if I can't have my water I start to panic...  I'm going to be in a wedding where the ceremony will go for about an hour and I obviously won't be able to take my drink down the isle...  What can I do that will keep my mouth hydrated for the hour?  I don't really want to pass out during the wedding...  Any suggestions would be great

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    simonmomma3posted 3 years ago

    I had a major panic attack a year ago and had to carry water with me or I did not feel comfortable. But I switched to sucking on candy and chewing gum it helps produce saliva so it keeps your mouth watering.